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What is a Healthy Diet Plan for Ramadan Fasting?

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar during which Muslims around the world meet fasts. During fasting, one should refrain from eating or drinking anything. Fasting should be observed from before dawn until dusk.

Fasting in Ramadan has many benefits for the health of young and healthy. A study conducted in the US It suggests that mental approach increases during Ramadan, which causes the body to produce more brain cells and, thereby, improving brain function.

National Health Service UK also recommends that Ramadan is the ideal place to get rid of bad habits now.

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During the fast, you can not eat from sunrise to sunset. One of the concerns that haunts many people is whether this is healthy. Fasting during Ramadan or any other time is very healthy because it allows your stomach and body to detoxify, when not eating. In addition, by not eating during the day, the amount of nutrients your body absorbs from food consumption did increase. Fasting for short periods of time, as in the case of Ramadan also accelerates the rate of metabolism, unlike how the body reacts normally, when we skip a meal.

When food intake is reduced and limited to a certain time that allows your stomach to shrink gradually. This means that even after the fasting period is over and you have resumed eating normally, you need to eat less to feel full. As a result, now eat in a regulated way to have a healthy diet plan.

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Healthy Diet Plan

People who observe fasting during Ramadan are encouraged to eat dates to break the fast. Although there are spiritual reasons for this tradition, but also it has many health benefits.

An average serving of dates hosts 31 grams of carbohydrates, which is more or less the average daily dose of fiber. The dates also help improve digestion, because they are so rich in fiber.

Apart from dates, you can instill many healthy eating habits during the month of Ramadan. After a balanced diet and planned beforehand it is easier for this month. Another thing to consider in order to complete the 30 days of fasting, is successfully making a conscious effort to eat home-cooked food and avoid eating out. In this way, you can control what you eat and how it is done (oils, butter and other fattening ingredients).

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Other health to include in your diet during fasting food:

1. Fruits: are rich in vitamins and help keep cool and energetic body due its water, sugar content

2. dried fruits:.. contain sustained energy and are rich in fiber

3. Eggs: They are a great source of protein and energy

4. Yogurt:. also a great source of protein. Slimline and cooling.

5. Milk:. A healthy source of calcium and body fluid

benefits of fasting:

1. Promotes detoxification:

most toxins are stored in body fat. When fasting, the body is forced to burn this fat therefore, the release of these toxins. The body is cleansed and detoxified because of the long hours between food intake.

Healthy Diet Plan Fruits

2. Reduces blood sugar

increases in fasting glucose and fats are broken down in the body in order to maintain energy replenishment. When glucose is broken, allows the reduction in levels of insulin production well. The pancreas can rest allowing reducing blood sugar.

3. digestive organs can rest:

The production of digestive secretions continues at reduced prices. This helps keep the fluids within the body. Food is broken down steadily and energy release is also gradual.

4. Rectify high blood pressure

rectifies High blood pressure Because fat and glucose decompose during fasting to release energy, there is less chance of clogged arteries by fat (atherosclerosis). Moreover, as the slower metabolic rates achieved during the day hormones like adrenaline and noradrenaline are also reduced. All this results in blood pressure.

5. Weight Loss aid:

Reduction in storing fat results in weight lesser extent exerted on yourself.

6. Dominate addictions:

Fasting helps reduce cravings for any substance you are addicted to.

Things to be careful of fasting:

Despite all the benefits discussed above, there are some things you need to be careful to comply with fasting, while fasting or can become harmful.

  • Fasting for a long period of time may reduce the water content in the body causing dehydration which can take more than headaches and other ailments.
  • People with diabetes should avoid fasting as levels of blood sugar spike and fall dramatically during the day, which can be extremely dangerous for them.
  • may worsen the condition of people already suffering from heartburn and peptic ulcer.
  • People suffering from weakness should refrain from fasting and worsening their condition.
  • Fasting should only be done for short periods of time and never be seen for months as this could drain the body of nutrients and make a very weak and unhealthy.
  • Never over eat after breaking the fast. It can cause nausea and discomfort. It can also cause sudden rise and fall in levels of blood sugar, which is not good. Binge between fasting is unhealthy and is better than the whole purpose of his fast.
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People who have a health condition, but still want to fast should always consult your doctor before doing so. If possible, they should chart healthy diet plan for your health is not in danger.

It is Ramadan or fasting is due to its numerous health benefits, always keep in mind the do’s and don’ts as mentioned above. Remember to have a controlled and healthy diet throughout the course of its rapid and even after it. Making the most of the opportunity, but do not over do it.

Continue eating nutritious foods and fruits every time you have the opportunity to keep your body hydrated and energized, even if the day. If at any time you feel you can not take it and the need to break the fast, do so before it affects your health.

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