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What Does Your Tongue Tell You About Your Thyroid?

Your tongue can really tell a lot about your health. Moreover, changes in the tongue may indicate that something strange is happening in your body. Take a closer look years the language to determine if your thyroid is functioning perfectly. In this article we give some useful information that are probably not aware of.

You can learn a lot by looking at your tongue, and this “proof” is considered as the most useful physical examination focus. ¿Why is it so important?

Regarding the language provides a closer look at the function of your digestive tract look. His tongue is the only part of your body that is gives a direct connection to your stomach.

The same applies to your colon, but it sure is not easy to examine. The tongue may show what happens inside your body, before you notice any deficiencies and imbalances, and even before the real problem arises.

Take a mirror and look at your tongue. Note any changes, color, surface coatings, size, and almost everything that could be considered as a signal.


Then answer the following questions:
  • What color is my tongue? If my tongue pink? If not, what does this color mean?
  • Is it smooth?
  • Is there any change? Does it look normal?
  • my tongue is too big for my oral cavity? Is there some notches on the sides?
  • Do I have cracks, fissures or cracks?
  • Are there any foreign coatings?

Each of these questions may provide some answers regarding your thyroid gland and provide more information than any set of laboratory tests.

healthy tongue is pink, smooth and uniform color, without any coatins type or fissures. If the language is normal, then probably your thyroid is functioning normally as well. However, there are some cases in which healthy people struggle with hypothyroidism.

However, if the language is wrong, the same applies to your thyroid too. Here are some profound examples of what seems unhealthy tongue and its association with the thyroid gland and its function.


If the tongue is red or log color, it is likely that lack of vitamins, especially vitamin B12, which is essential for thyroid function. low levels of these micronutrients often trigger problems with absorption. Your body can not absorb micronutrients from food, which affects the thyroid function.

People with this type of languages ​​also lack zinc, selenium and iron. These are essential for the conversion of the thyroid. If you have this problem, do something about better absorption. This process usually starts by improving bowel function.

cracked and fissured tongues that resemble a map indicate problems with food sensitivities. Symptoms may not be visible to the naked eye, but the problems that exist. food sensitivity develops after a severe and long term damage to your gut, causing an intestine “bored”. “Leaky” gut creates a perfect environment for food sensitivities. Whenever you notice your tongue looks like this, consider having a food sensitivity.

There is a strong connection between language that looks like this and Hashimoto. Some experts believe that the sensitivity foon often triggers the development of Hashimoto.

If the tongue looks like this, check for thyroid antibodies such as anti-Thyrogobulin and anti-thyroid peroxidase, due to fissures and cracks are signs that should not be neglected. You can also make the panel of IgG food allergy, or if you can not, eliminate the two biggest offenders of their diet – wheat or gluten and dairy products, or casein. Most people have noticed a big improvement after avoiding both foods.

The size of the language is also important. large tongue with notches on its sides indicated a toxic body. If your body is full of toxins, tongue swelling will start and push against your teeth. This makes the notches on the sides of your tongue, commonly known as toxins affect the thyroid in two different ways “scalloping.”

  1. They block cell receptors, thyroid hormone and can not continue its function within cells
  2. The toxins also damages the thyroid gland, so it is less effective and vulnerable to disease, eventually leading to underactive
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Water is the most important ally in detoxification. There is nothing special to do, and drinking plenty of water is sufficient. Water provides great health and detoxification. Often it is a special “Detox or Diet Pill,” but each detoxification process begins with hydration, or drink enough water. Be sure to drink at least 80 ounces of water a day.

Coatings indicate growth of fungi. Candida is a common infection, but unfortunately, many people do not pay attention to it, or treat it.

Low levels of healthy intestinal bacteria create a perfect ground for yeast, and not only beat his residence in digestive trac, but in their language too. Yeast affects thyroid function in many ways, but the most terrible is its ability to lower conversion of T4 to T3.

Many people have low levels of T3 due to an overgrowth of yeast. You may not be aware of it, but any coating on the tongue should be enough to convince some tests and determine whether it is an overgrowth of yeast. Blood tests and stool work well for this purpose.

If your blood test programs increased levels of antibodies to yeast, consult your doctor to suggest a therapy. the yeast-killing diet involves low carbohydrate intake without yeast. Along with powerful probiotics and supplements that provides an incredible treatment. You can also deal with candida drugs, but this only applies to advanced cases.

Study your language to learn more about your thyroid. If any of the above changes, consult your doctor to suggest appropriate therapy. Hypothyroidism is not so easy to treat.

hope this article has helped you a lot. Now, it is possible to identify the underlying problems associated with your thyroid. As we said, hyperthyroidism is a serious health condition, but can stimulate the thyroid in different ways. Your doctor can help you find the best solution to your problem and fix your problem forever.

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