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What does it take to start a healthy routine?

Healthy eating

September is the time for new routines. Children are back to school. The seasons are changing. It is time to turn a new page. This also makes it a natural time for many of us to make positive changes for our health.

Fortunately, enter a new routine is a great way to improve your health. In fact, a recent study by Tufts University discovered that you can actually train your brain to prefer healthy foods over junk food.

Many of us have long considered it an innate and inevitable truth that we prefer sugary treats or fried salty foods to fruits and vegetables, but when the researchers had subjects eat a high content fiber low-glycemic diet for six months, they found that their brains began to identify those healthy foods as a reward. In the brain scans, the researchers could see that the brain reward centers’ lit up in response to low calorie meal and show a lower response to junk food compared to the control group.

is powerful enough to think that changing your eating habits for six months, you could actually change the way you want to eat, minimizing cravings for sugary foods or loaded with calories and increase your desire for vegetables and whole grains.

Six months may seem a long time. Some people believe that it can form a new habit in 21 days, while others insist that more time is needed. But the most important things to know when you are trying to make a change to your health are:

1. Change your behaviors and habits possible.

2. Like any goal, all you can do is take one day at a time.

3. The sooner you start, the sooner you can reap the rewards.

Making a healthy change in your life this week. Whether you want to eat more vegetables or exercising every day, change is possible. Motivated to eat better use of rewards unrelated to food, get a pedometer to help work toward a goal 10,000 steps a day , or download the Couch-to-5K application to start finally executed.

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