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What are the tests and treatments for Dyspepsia?

In one of our previous article, which had highlighted the causes and symptoms of dyspepsia. For those who do not know, dyspepsia is nothing more than indigestion or stomach upset. Let us know the treatment of dyspepsia.

LifeView interacted with Dr. Nikhil bondade, consultant gastroenterologist in Bangalore based on Narayana Health City know the treatment of dyspepsia and measures management dyspepsia.

Speaking to LifeView, Dr. Nikhil bondade said: “If the common symptom of dyspepsia is associated with sudden weight loss, black stools, anemia and loss of appetite, then the individual should immediately seek the help of an expert. ”

Based on the severity of symptoms, the patient to go for blood test, endoscopy to diagnose H. pylori tests or liver function tests is recommended. Based on the test results, it has been planned treatment approach, he added.

The prevalence of H pylori is more in countries like India. appropriate measures must be taken to keep this bacterial infection at bay. Usually ten to thirty percent of the population suffers from dyspepsia due to H. pylori infection Dr. Nikhil said.

Also in most cases the exact cause of this disorder can not be found and that the form of dyspepsia is called as functional dyspepsia. If symptoms are mild and not very serious, then these symptoms can be easily by altering lifestyle, Dr. Nikhil said.

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If you are suffering from dyspepsia, then following these things in general can relieve symptoms:

* Stay away from spicy foods

* have a good sleep. Sleep for at least 7-8 hours

* Avoid alcohol

* reduce caffeine intake

* Try to avoid excess sweets and chocolates

* they prefer foods that are lighter and less oily.

Dr Nikhil Bondade

Dr. Nikhil bondade

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Dr. Nikhil bondade currently works as a consultant gastroenterologist based in Bangalore Narayana Health City. His area of ​​interest is luminal gastroenterology.

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