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What are The Health Benefits of Green Tea You Should Know

Do you like green tea? Yes, taste is not so good. However, the benefits of green tea are enormous. You simply can not ignore. If you have not started drinking on a regular basis, after reading this article, you will. In this modern lifestyle, we often neglect our health. So it is even more important to include the right kind of things in your diet. And green tea should be one of them.

Why green tea is good for you? Green tea is known for its origin in China, but is now spreading to the whole continent of Asia. It is mostly used as a medicine for thousands of years, especially for the prevention of cancer and lower blood pressure.

Green tea offers better benefits than black tea health. Apparently, it is due to the processing of green tea is better than black tea. black tea process is by allowing the fermentation, while the formation of green tea made avoiding the fermentation process.

Thus, green tea able to retain antioxidants and polyphenols contained in the maximum amount. Both substances make green tea offers many health benefits.

The following is a list of why green tea is good for you, and a lot of health benefits of green tea for many reasons that can not be overlooked to maintain their healthy life. There is a possibility that the benefits of which are written under discussion, but for why green tea is good for you optimally, you should do the experiment itself.

1. It is good for oral health

Most acidity of saliva and harmful bacteria present in the mouth usually lead to tooth decay. Catechin, which is present in green tea and acts as an antioxidant can destroy harmful bacteria and viruses.

also neutralizes the acid content in the mouth and thus preventing tooth decay and tooth decay. bad breath is reduced as well. Therefore it can be assumed that green tea is good for your oral health.

2. The risk of diabetes is reduced

Diabetes is increasing sugar levels in the blood and an inability to produce insulin. Today there are about 300 million diabetics worldwide.

According to research, green tea can help prevent diabetes by improving insulin sensitivity in the body and reduce levels of blood sugar. So drink green tea can save from diabetes in the long run.


3. Prevent heart disease

Green tea helps reduce levels of bad cholesterol in your body which is one of the leading causes of heart disease.

is also beneficial for blood vessels and makes them stronger to withstand the effects of high blood pressure. Studies show a significant decrease in the risk of heart problems in people who drink green tea regularly.

4. It helps in weight loss

Green tea is to improve the body’s metabolism. It increases the rate at which the body burns fat and calories. Not only this makes you more energy and improves performance, but also is useful in case you will lose weight. It is particularly useful in reducing belly fat.

5. Reduce the risk of cancer

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world today. Green tea is to reduce the risk of certain cancers such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, etc. It contains several potent antioxidants that prevent uncontrolled cell growth and reduce the possibility of cancer development. Many scientific studies have reported such benefits.

6. Improves brain health

Green tea considered to have a small amount of caffeine and L-theanine amino acids. These chemicals improve brain health.

They help in protecting brain cells from death and restoration of the injured. It also increases the performance of the brain and makes you more productive at work. So it is a good alternative to coffee in that regard.

In the short term green tea improves brain function, but in the long term, which prevents Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, which are the main causes of dementia. Not only this, the brain remains healthy in old age too.

7. It is good for treating skin

Green tea contains many antioxidants and anti-inflammatory chemicals that are found to improve skin health. They help reduce wrinkles and facilitate recovery in the event of damage to the skin. It also contributes to a healthy, shiny and beautiful skin.

8. It is good for the eyes

As mentioned above, green tea contains an antioxidant called catechin which is also found to be useful in improving eyesight. According to recent research, green tea can help prevent blindness induced cataracts.

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9. You can reduce the effects of aging

The overall quality of health decreases as you age. However, drinking green tea can help reduce the effects of aging. It protects body cells from damage.

It can reduce the formation of free radicals which are known to cause aging, diseases and health problems. Green tea also contains various types of minerals that are beneficial to your overall health.

10. It helps to increase bone strength

regularly drinking green tea can help promote bone health. Because green tea stimulates the growth of new bone cells and bone damage delay and weakness.

11. Treatment of food poisoning

Food poisoning can cause diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting and even dehydration. Green tea has a bactericidal effect that is able to treat the cause of food intake.
If you find signs of intoxication, simply drink a glass of green tea to kill bacteria that cause food poisoning.

12. It improves immunity

powerful to work against infections green tea antioxidants also fight free radicals efficiently. Thus, green tea is a natural substance that can improve the immune system, so it is a favorite in many rehabilitation centers.

13. Prevention of asthma

Green tea also contains caffeine, apart from its antioxidants, which provide instant energy and relaxes the respiratory muscles, therefore, for people who have asthma, It will be easier to breathe by drinking green tea on a regular basis.

Green tea is much better than the common or black tea option. You can save yourself from numerous health problems just consume daily.

More and more people are adopting a healthy lifestyle these days. Only it has become the need of the day. So take the wise decision and start drinking green tea, to improve their health and not just caffeine. Why not start today?

Drinking green tea is not just delicious, but also provide health benefits throughout the body, but note for those of you who are pregnant, should avoid eating green tea during pregnancy because it is known to cause miscarriages.

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