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What are Calories and How Does it Affect Weight Loss or Gain

Calories are technically the amount of energy required to raise the temperature 1 -kilogram of water by 1 degree Celsius. In simpler terms, it is the energy required for our body to function properly. Therefore, we have our daily calorie intake, which is basically the recommended amount of energy that our body needs to move properly amount. It is obtained mainly of protein, fat and carbohydrates. However, having too much while doing little will result in weight gain, which many of us would not want. To burn fat instead, or even maintain a stable weight, the number of calories consumed in a day should be equal to the number of calories used.

What are Calories and How Does it Affect Weight Loss or Gain

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in order to stay in peak health, you may want to reduce your calorie intake . But note that should not be below the threshold level. Otherwise, it can lead to other complications and diseases. For starters, make sure you do not stop eating. There are many people who think that eating way less or stop consuming food in general will help you lose weight. While that may be true, it can also create problems, so it is advisable to eat properly instead of eating poorly.

Aside from having a healthy diet and proper way to eat healthier choices, your diet should be accompanied with regular exercise. Exercise can increase the body’s metabolic rate. In other words, move and / or weight lifting can speed up how your body more muscle and burn more fat is built. There are some studies that show that a training session 45 minutes increase the metabolic rate of a person’s body for about 14 hours. However, be sure to eat enough to have the right amount of calories to have adequate energy levels.

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Also, there calories that can give more harm than good, especially if we consider foods that are high in fat. The drinks are also not an exception, since wise to stay away from soda and sugar plagued. It is because sugar and fat are primarily responsible for the bodies of overweight and unhealthy. While you can taste very good, satisfaction will only be temporary, as it can feel remorse because of the side effects of consumption of these options. Therefore, if you really need something sweet, there are other more healthy options that you can consider.

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