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‘We're putting poison in our bodies’: Women clash over childhood obesity on This Morning

The argument comes following the publication of the Strategy for Childhood Obesity government.

The hosts Eamonn Ruth and Liz Thompson, who argued that the government is to blame for our obesity crisis and Danni Levy, who said parents are to blame for overweight children joined.

Eamonn questioned who should be responsible for the fact that many children are putting poison ” on their bodies, but said the regulations should not be so strict the country becomes a “nanny state”.

Liz Thompson, who admitted to being obese, said his daughter Holly went to a camp setting because she was overweight.

She said her daughter was eating the “wrong place at the wrong time food” and said receiving meals at school were not “very healthy”.

Liz said, “.. I think and the doctor thinks was reduced to emotional eating Everything I’ve tried to follow

” The last thing you want as an obese parent is that your son suffer too much. “

the government’s plan is to ask industry food and beverage to cut five percent sugar products popular with children over the next year.

said the ultimate goal is a 20 percent cut sugar, Public Health England monitoring of voluntary progress over the next four years.

the plan also calls on schools primary to deliver at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day and to help parents and caregivers ensure that children receive the same amount at home.

Speaking this morning, Danni said there is a lot information released by the government to promote healthy eating and added that there were few excuses when it comes to awareness of nutrition.

Danni said Liz, who has lost much weight itself, is not “the government’s responsibility to fill your fridge ‘the

she said :.” she [Holly] was not lifting the cabinet carrot to get to that weight. It is your responsibility to ensure that your child is a healthy weight. “

” I would say it is a merit of having lost that much weight. And it is his knowledge.

“You have to be accepting the fact that there has not helped. We’re talking about obesity, not only children who are a little chubby”.

Liz said she took her daughter to a dietitian. He was also told he must take his daughter to the world of thinning when I was old enough. and they said I could go to

Liz added. “It was at this camp and was given a whole package, not just the package fitness”

Eamonn: “what do you think needs to be done from now on so the more we

Danni says:” a lot of people tend to argue that it is cheaper to eat bad food. It is not.

“I do not think children should be aware of what they are eating them is not due to diet.”

Eamonn added: “.. It is an emotional problem”

This comes after Dr. Hilary Jones said a cup of tea could be a good day, the CONTRACEPTIVE.

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