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Weird but true: Now you have a penis size map too

There is a map these days for just about everything about everything.

political, topographic, thematic and physical maps are the traditional type that are used to seeing.

Detail government and sociological boundaries and geological features, these common maps tells us a lot about the world in which we live, and people.

But they do not tell us everything.

And if the sleepless nights, tormenting wondering about global penis sizes, then be quiet. Someone has come up with a world map with a touch such.

A tour of the penises of the world

Target Map

World manhood map
map World virility

Yes, Target Map “have created the graph of a color code showing the different sizes of virility of men depending on where you are” the best reports the Sun

It is interactive. Which means you can swoop in, comparing sizes and judge the content of your heart.

So how do you measure (approx) 3,400,000,000 adult males in the world against each other?

Well, the competition is tough.

The map shows African men are the proud owners of the biggest penises in the world, with the DRC at the top of the chart.


A full-size copy of Michelangelo's marble statue of the Biblical hero David, with an uncircumcised penis
A copy of full size marble statue of Michael the biblical hero David, with an uncircumcised penis

countries in Africa, South America and the Caribbean dominate the top ten with men down under in Australia not far behind.

As with all things comparative unfortunately, someone has to come last and that is taken by Thailand, Singapore and North Korea.

The UK fared less badly, with an average of 5.6 inches, so whether or not this map influences their travel plans is you.

The 10 countries

average erect penis size in inches

Congo 7.1

Ecuador 7

Ghana 6.8

Venezuela 6.7

Cameroon 6.6

Colombia 6.6

Lebanon 6.6

Jamaica 6.4

Panama 6.4

Burkina Faso 6.3

Bottom 10 countries

erect penis size average in inches

Thailand 3.7

Nepal 3.7

North Korea 3.8

Cambodia 4

Sri Lanka 4.3

South Korea 4.3

Pakistan 4.4

Hong Kong 4.4

Bangladesh 4.4

Singapore 4.5

Courtesy: Daily Mirror

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