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Weight loss goals for your body type

choose the best routines proper diet and fitness for your body type for best results


Small accumulation
Small women employees are thin girls with accumulation light, small joints and lean muscle.
fitness plan: Exercise for 30 minutes. Training should be directed to toning and managing stress levels in different parts of the body. Aerobics will help you build endurance and heart health
Diet – plant-based :. Meals must contain 55 complex carbohydrates percent (whole grains, rice, nuts, vegetables), 30 healthy protein percent (eggs, lean meats) and even healthy fats 15 percent, oil derivatives olive oil, nuts and flax seeds. Focus on fruit, green leafy vegetables, whole grains, beans and legumes. Avoid rich desserts, canned foods, dairy products with full fat.

medium build
These women tend to accumulate weight fast but quickly lose with proper diet and exercise.
fitness plan: Practice a combination / rotation workout for 45-60 minutes before or after the early morning or late at night to strengthen core muscles and shape. An exercise of high intensity cardio for 20 to 30 minutes, five times a week, followed by tummy-flattening exercise or 30 minutes of Pilates should help. Water, hula hoop, power yoga and exercises complement rope jumpingare beneficiaries
diet plan :. An ideal meal should be 45 percent complex carbohydrates, healthy proteins 35 percent and 20 percent healthy fats. three small meals high in protein and complex carbohydrates are recommended. Eat fruits, nuts, natural yogurt and nuts in-between meals.

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large structure
creating great women have a tendency to store fat in the lower abdomen, hips and thighs.
fitness plan: exercise for an hour every day, preferably early in the morning. Include yoga / power yoga dhanurasan namely, naukasan, Bhujangasan and pawanmukhtasana and finish with pranayama. Practice also brisk pace. Include 45 minutes of high-intensity aerobic training, five to six times a week. The combination of these with stretching and strengthening exercises to prevent injuries
diet plan :. An ideal meal should have 30 percent complex carbohydrates, about 45 percent of good protein and about 25 percent of healthy fats. Avoid all types of sugar and simple carbohydrates like white flour products, pasta, white rice and potatoes. Divide your meals into smaller portions.

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