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Weekend Home Workout Video From Fitness Instructor Zoe Modgill

If you are a weekend warrior who does, AOT have time for workouts during the week, or simply want gyming a break on their days off, there, AOS many things you can do to stay fit without leaving on confines of your home. fitness instructor based in Delhi Zoe Modgill Studio 60 is committed to delivering plans transformative training for health enthusiasts not only in his study, but also at home .

recently he shared an exercise routine at home with an interesting variety of exercises that will keep you fit and kicks during the weekend. What, good years of the exercises it is that Don, AOT need any specialized fitness equipment, floor gliders or just a paper plate or towel!

Zoe Modgill, AOS Home Workout Routine

The Sunday training includes variations of popular exercises like planks and alpinists that all major muscle groups are addressed, especially legs. Suitable for people of different fitness levels, training can be so severe or mild as you, AOD like it to be, as you can pick exercises and the number of sets and repetitions depending on their capacity. Ideally, Zoe recommends that at least 20 repetitions of each combination of exercise and 3 sets in all . Here, AOS workout video weekend she wrote:

Before starting his training weekend, Don, AOT forget to do some light stretching exercises and learn more about the common post training errors should be avoided

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August 17, 2016

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