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Watermelon Seed Tea – The Most Effective Kidney Cleansing Drink

Your favorite fruit seeds all summer – watermelon, are often thrown out with only a small group of people who use them because their health benefits. However believe it or not, watermelon seeds contain numerous health benefits, to help digestion elimination of bacteria, so keep reading if you want to know more!


In order to reap the full health benefits of watermelon seeds, needed for cooking, grilling or ground seeds. They contain fiber and are essential for proper digestion and treatment of inflammation, intestinal parasites and more.

Another thing watermelon seed is rich in citrulline is – an organic compound having valuable antioxidant properties. Citrulline dilates blood vessels and helps in the treatment of hypertension, atherosclerosis and angina, even.

A group of American scientists back in the 20 explained ap century and provided evidence of how the watermelon seeds can effectively treat urinary infections and kidney disease as well. According to the results obtained, watermelon seed tea was extremely beneficial and recommended for patients with kidney stones and urinary tract.

This is the recipe that scientists recommended:

  • You will be crushed and ground 4 tbsp. of watermelon seeds
  • 2liters cook the seeds in water for about 15 minutes
  • tea this amount of watermelon seeds if a duration of 2 days
  • Take a break of 1 day from drinking tea every 2 days
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consume the tea for a few weeks following these instructions and you will be able to realize the positive effects of watermelon seed tea.

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