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Water Birth: Pain Management and Benefits

water births are a method of treating pain in natural births, short, involves mothers giving light in labor and water without any pain medication. many women work in a tub of warm water and then push or just step into the tub to push.


Pain Management
Hot water used to help reduce labor pain by relaxing muscles and improve circulation. The buoyancy of water makes it easier for the mother to move because they feel weightless and are able to choose the best position to reduce labor pain. Water also helps in relaxation and reduces pressure. Studies based on statistics found a significant reduction in the use of pain medication and a significant reduction in pain reported during water births.

Usually, this type of births take place at birth centers, hospitals or at home.
painlessly 1. Drug management
2. It reduces blood pressure
3. provides a sense of privacy
4. Reduce the distraction of an external stimulus
5. Reduce caesarean section rates
6. Reduce the need for medications and interventions
7. Supports energy conversation in workers [mothers
8. relaxes the pelvic floor
9. All these factors work hand in hand with the production of hormones in birth being released. oxytocin stimulates the natural contractions and endorphins work impressively well to reducing the pan. This helps mom to control pain and feel good.

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It has been agreed by doctors and midwives working in the water is perfectly safe and has no relation to the increased risks, in fact, has stated that complications they are rare. However, there is still a debate among doctors and midwives about whether or not there is sufficient evidence to show that water birth is completely safe.

water births are a great choice for most mothers, but there are not enough studies or evidence to demonstrate safety for all relevant women. Here are some contraindications that rule women opting water sources are listed below:
1. Suspected maternal infection
2. Any condition that requires constant monitoring fetal heart rate
3. excess vaginal bleeding
4. the above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit maternal fever
5. sedation or epidural anesthesia
6. If blood or skin infection is not treated

Consult your doctor or midwife know if this is the right choice for you and ask many questions. If you have settled in the process of giving birth in water, and then trust your intuition and not be afraid that fear can also be an important factor in the power of a water birth

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