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Watch How This Family Produces 6,000 Pounds of Food In Their Small Yard

Survival in the United States have found a way to live and survive and practice so far. You need to understand that now are used to this way of life, and perhaps will not change.

A few organic seeds, proper irrigation and some even provide rich manure a novice farmer with a beautiful harvest.

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Big Agra when starting with agriculture in the United States, most people were disconnected from food production process seed.

were desperately monopolized agribusiness agriculture and rearing children in cities think the food comes from supermarkets and grocery stores.

The trace log that was found was above any point of view. In addition we will present the figures of a family that cultivates more than 4,000 square feet of land.

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“If we try to do the math, that does not seem to calculate. But somehow the numbers work because the Dervaes family is able to produce about 4,300 pounds of vegetables, 900 chicken and 1,000 eggs duck, 25 pounds of honey, and even more poundage of seasonal fruits in its 4,000 square feet postage stamp of land on the outskirts megalopolis of southern California. beyond providing food for themselves, the family makes around of $ 20,000 per year with the sale of its products from its porch. “

This great production will be the rival of the companies that are producing highly mechanized, OMG seeded and large farm field of chemical fertilized Agra.

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This family is aware that people have to be sure they are eating healthy foods, and are avoiding chemical processes and pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and all the other things that are used by producers of GMOs.

In addition we will introduce the Dervaes family farm. You will be surprised, and would like to go there.

“Each member of the family of launch to ensure that every square inch of their land produces much as possible. In addition, beyond simply producing their own organic food, Dervaes family is living almost totally out of the network. Many of the devices used are fed by hand, and not electric and hand gets energy from solar panels, leading to bills maximum energy in the $ 12 per month. also, they do not burn fossil fuels, as their car is powered by biodiesel produced from used cooking fat which restaurants deliver to your door. ”

The real secret here is that a focused effort applied with ancient wisdom about how to cultivate the land and enrich the soil can go a long way. Survivor communities, even in California, amid a drought of 1000 years have shown that agriculture can still be very productive when the tricks of the trade are known and the earth is really respected.


A lot of farmers have realized that things are changing and the production of GMOs in making harmful effect on humans, so they will have for only organic products.

The ensuing drought in California water wars are providing a foretaste of what may develop where new weather patterns established the inhospitable climate trends.

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