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WARNING There’s A New Deadly Disease Worse Than HIV

HPV, or human papillomavirus, is expected to be the cause of the new epidemic disease stronger, even deadlier AIDS, as is believed to be able to claim many lives.

human papillomavirus is the name of a group of viruses that affect the skin and moist membranes lining your body, for example in the cervix, anus, mouth and throat. The most widespread STI in the United States can be more than 100 kinds, many of which cause warts that appear malignant.

This article explains why HPV is considered to be even more deadly than HIV.

First, HPV is a common, prolific and highly contagious infection, which is transmitted sexually, but the skin-to-skin genital is also a well known mode of transmission. This means that condoms can not provide complete protection and statistics say that more than three quarters of sexually active women acquire at some point in their lives.

As mentioned above, HPV is transmitted primarily through sexual contact and most people are infected with HPV soon after the onset of sexual activity.

However, the worst of this infection is that it can be overcome even when the infected person has no signs or symptoms of the virus, since in some cases, symptoms do not appear for years, and are even some cases when people never experience any symptoms during their lifetime. HPV is a silent murderer that can be inactive, therefore unnoticed for years before attacking.

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Although it is a common shared opinion that condoms provide full protection against sexually more transmitted diseases, including HIV / AIDS, the latest research finds that condoms can not provide 100% protection against HPV.

It can spread through skin to skin contact with infected areas of skin not covered by a condom as male and female genitalia. This is particularly serious for women.
Women are more susceptible to the virus than men. As for transmission rates of HPV, male-to-female transmission is between 5% higher than the rates of female to male transmission.

Moreover, related disease is the most common HPV cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is one of the leading causes of death in women, (the number one cause of death in women is heart disease) and in almost all cases of cervical cancer, HPV infection has been the cause . To be more specific, two types of HPV, types 16 and 18 are responsible for nearly 70% of all cases of cervical cancer.

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