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Warning! Stop Using Non-Stick Cookware Immediately!

Nearly 70% of the dishes contain a layer containing PFOA PFOA means (nonstick pans so-called ), and other compounds also are used to make clothing stain resistant. Many scientists and studies agree that these non-stick pans are harmful to your health. When nonstick pans are heated, they release toxins into the air in your kitchen. When they heated to 680 degrees, six release toxic gases.

When used not make metal plates, materials and substances marked fall arrest sticking. All these toxic ships are characterized by the “non-stick coating” which provides food to burn or stick to the bottom.

Recent studies show that some types of PFAS cause severe liver toxicity, altered metabolism disorders and immunity. these can also cause various types of cancer (testicular cancer and kidney cancer). It is also considered that the toxins prevent the baby while in the womb.

Unfortunately, these toxins are not transmitted only in food, but also spread in the air, drinking water, land and pollute the entire environment.

What is more alarming is the fact that ships heated at 1000 degrees emit harmful agent PFIB (perfluoroisobutene). These toxins can accumulate in the blood, and can lead to chronic disease.

In order to avoid this, not – stick pans, which is the best way to use utensils ceramic or glass. Experts say that consumers should be aware of the potential health risk when products containing PFOA are used.

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