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WARNING: If You See THIS Bug Around You – Get To a Doctor IMMEDIATELY!

While pests known as mice, rats and cockroaches have their own dangers, there are plenty of non-native pests that can be very dangerous for people. vinchucas are the last accidental importation into the United States, and wearing a nasty disease or cause allergic reactions in people uncomfortable.


What are Bedbugs?

kissing bugs, also known as reduviid bugs are found in the southern countries, such as Mexico, Central America and South America. They are now found in South America, but have been reported in more than half of the states now. These insects are found indoors and outdoors. If you are living outside, they are found in areas such as woodpiles, in outdoor kennels, under porches and in cracks and holes in houses / buildings. They come out at night, preferring to hide during the day. They like to be near the armies of blood as humans, mammals, birds, reptiles and even, so coops can become infested. well built and sealed homes do not often see interior vinchucas, since insects prefer to find homes easily accessible.

Why Are they dangerous?

vinchucas are dangerous because they carry a parasite known as Trypanosoma cruzi causes Chagas disease. This disease attacks the digestive and cardiovascular systems. There are two phases in Chagas disease. The acute phase include symptoms such as fever, rashes, sores where the parasite entered the body, vomiting, diarrhea, and swollen eyes. This phase is not dangerous for healthy adults, but is harmful to children or immunocompromised persons. In healthy people, the symptoms of the acute phase disappear on their own, and the parasite remains dormant in the body for years.

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In the second phase, the chronic phase, is when things get dangerous for the host of the parasite. This is when the heart and digestive system are addressed and damaged. The parasite causes an enlarged heart, intestines or esophagus. An enlarged heart leads to heart failure or irregular heartbeats, and these things then can lead to a heart attack.


How Chagas disease to humans transmitted?

vinchucas given that nickname because normally feed on the blood through the thin skin around the mouth of a person. However, the sting is not transmitting the parasite; It is insect feces. When an insect bites a person or animal with T. cruzi infection, the insect becomes positive and the parasite was later extended through the newly infected insect excrement. As the insects feed on people / animals, leave feces on the skin, then enter the person through the eyes, mouth or bite.

is Chagas disease treatable?

The parasite is easily treatable in the acute phase and physicians can perform a blood test to see if the patient is positive for the parasite. Patients with positive results should undergo heart tests to ensure that the heart is not affected. The two drugs that treat the parasite (benznidazole and nifurtimox) kill him, but they must be taken immediately after infection in order to be fully effective. The longer the disease is present, the less likely the drugs will work. In the United States, the drug is not FDA approved it, so patients have to do so from the Center for Disease Control.

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More than 8 million people in Latin America Positive test for Chagas disease. While it is virtually unknown in the United States, other countries do not have this luxury. People living in areas with vinchucas must be able to recognize errors and take appropriate precautions to prevent an infestation.

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