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WARNING: If You Eat This For Breakfast It May Be Killing You…

WARNING-If-You-Eat-This-For-Breakfast-It-May-Be-Killing-You.. is believed that its popular breakfast cereals Quaker Oats according to a lawsuit instituted by one Brooklyn, New York lawyer – Lewis Daly could be very detrimental to your health

Daly said Quaker Oats contains a highly carcinogenic compound known as glyphosate has been classified as potentially dangerous. human consumption.

It is believed that the mark of 1 minute faster Quaker Oats to contain traces of glyphosate after the tests were conducted on samples.

Daly filed a class action in federal district courts in California and New York, looking for a full disclosure by the company of its use of glyphosate in its flour oats, as well as make refunds to consumers as of right.

The company is believed to market their products, all natural and this has angered Daly and consumers alike because it is a form of false and misleading advertising.

This compound -. Glyphosate is a herbicide that is used primarily in removing weeds often an important treatment products weeds such as Ortho and Roundup ingredient

The argument Daly is that the company should not mislead consumers really want 100% natural oats into thinking that their oatmeal products are completely natural.

However, PepsiCo owners of the brand Quaker Oats insist that their products pass through all-natural process, which includes a cleaning process that removes large amounts of herbicide.

Further testing revealed that Quaker Oats actually consists of glyphosate, which is about 4% of the permissible level and what oatmeal is below the minimum level set by the EPA.

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Source: http: //www.fhfn.org/warning-eat-breakfast-may-killing/

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