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Warning! Do Not Mix These Household Products-They Can Kill You!

is very dangerous sometimes when mixing different homemade ingredients. Not many know some combinations release toxic gases. That makes a real threat to health, especially in relation to the lungs and brain.


The tips provided below protect your health and your family.

1 # Bleach and vinegar

All acids, including vinegar, are extremely dangerous when combined with chlorine. Because it releases toxic chlorine gas.

No. 2 bleach and ammonia

This combination results in the formation of toxic fumes, mostly chloramines. They are extremely dangerous to the eyes. Neither it should be ever inhaled.

# 3 baking soda and vinegar

This combination is very effective for health cleaning.Not! Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate reacts with acetic acid. And now, the acid found in vinegar. As a result, produces sodium acetate, water and carbon dioxide .Moreover, vinegar triggers bubbling sodium bicarbonate, resulting in an explosion if these two are mixed in a closed container.

# 4 The alcohol and bleach

The combination of alcohol and bleach is a combination of chloroform and hydrochloric acid. This is extremely dangerous. The use of chlorine alone separately, believe, it is a much safer option.

5 # hydrogen peroxide and vinegar

is generally used as a cleaning device, this combination is another stop, because it results in the formation of peracetic acid . The peracetic acid is extremely harmful, causes lesions in the skin, eyes and respiratory system.

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# 6 Two different cleaners

mixing two cleaners, window cleaner and universal example a little cleaner commonly should give better results. But the real truth is each has its particular purpose cleaner. The mixture of different types becomes very dangerous

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