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WARNING: Cutting This Common Food Out Of Your Diet Lowers Your Risk Of Cancer

Several adults and children in the United States consume hot dogs, regardless of the fact that it is known They are containing little or no beneficial nutrition. However, the negative health consequences can be worse than what they really understand. Regular consumption of hot dogs leads to health problems in adults, and serious developmental problems in children. If you need more convincing, here are some more reasons to stop eating hot dogs …

They are toxic to the body.

The hot dogs are loaded with synthetic, chemical materials and other several other compounds lead to infections or similar problems. A study in cancer research found that adults who ate a hot day dog ​​can increase the risk of colon cancer by more than 20%, and children who consumed 12 or more hotdogs were high likely to develop leukemia more later in life.

How a hot dog is actually made.

Common hot dog contains 12 ingredients and many of them are not recognizable, or nature in any way. For chicken meat using mechanical separation, some cut of pork, turkey and undocked. In addition, I assume for flavor, add corn syrup, something called “flavor”, dextrose, and about 2% salt. They also contain several different types, including sodium phosphate, nitrite, ascorbate, lactate and diacetate.

is also normal for a hot to contain nitrates, most terrible chemicals your body dog, which absorb in the hot dog a once it starts warming up. They also contain amines are not very good for your body, and in some cases have been linked to the production of cancer cells at a younger age.

In addition to the usual ingredients, has been another little scary or disturbing elements reportedly found hotdogs. Another common way of making hot dogs is with unwanted head, skin, feet, and several other fallen rejected by the butcher. Some alarming discoveries found in hot dogs include foot rat, disposable blades, the parties to an eyeball, and fragments of metal and glass, so maybe you should think twice before eating another hot dog.

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