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WARNING: 10 Children and 20 Adults Remain Blind For Doing This Activity That We All Do Almost Every Day!



technology has taken over the lives of everyone today. People can not imagine life without sending text messages or using the Internet, as well as numerous different applications every day. We use them to contact people, call our relatives who live in other countries, etc. WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, etc are almost a daily routine.

The question we all must ask is: Do we use our mobile phones in the right way
How long had to use it and how long do we have? to go to use it?
complications due to overuse?

All of you probably look to your phone before going to sleep, but may actually have a dangerous effect on your eyes.

Overall, all of us use our phones for some time to chat with someone, take a look at the recent news on Twitter or Facebook or simply check on the latest photos on Instagram or Snapchat, but this you must change and we are now I’ll tell you why.

An investigation by medical experts that locked women between 22 and 45 years came to this conclusion: The light from our mobile phones carrying the toconstant blindness results were based on the lifestyle of these girls who had a habit to check your phone before going to sleep each day.

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According to these experts: If you use the phone before sleep, stop, and seriously affects the eyes

The reason behind this conclusion is that the eye human gets used to the dark, so when you put it in front of a mobile phone with a strong light, has a very negative effect. Therefore, while one eye is processed in the absence of light, the other processes the excess fluid and actually confuses the brain without even realizing it.

Over time, that will develop temporary blindness which could then develop permanent blindness.

checkingyour phone Doctors recommend at least 15 minutes before bedtime, while the room is still lit. When you decide to go to bed, turn off the phone, light and enjoy your rest and sleep from the beginning to the end!

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