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Want to Try Stem Cell Therapy? Here is The Cost Details

stem cell therapy is an alternative to overcome some diseases. Even therapy expected future mother cells can overcome degenerative diseases. Do you want to know the cost? RP 1 – by a cell. It seems so cheap, but not as cheap as one might imagine. Stem cell therapy is not easy.
Due to safety and sterilization process is paramount. Therefore all activities carried out in the clean room, which includes the use of the quarantine space and processing tolerance of pollution has been strictly regulated.
The price of therapy mother cells during a cell is Rp 1, -. There are from 500,000 to 1 million cells per kilogram body weight. For the rest of the body could reach 60 crore, excluding doctors’ fees, and others. time and patience to undergo stem cell therapy is needed. Because it takes time for growing stem cells to be used in the therapy process. There is also a risk of failure.

cost of a stem cell therapy
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Some experts in Indonesia said that to liven stem cells is not easy. Today many people in Indonesia who make this therapy abroad. According to information gathered, 50 percent of people who undergo stem cell therapy in Singapore are from Indonesia.
Before stem cell therapy, which should be seen what is the pain suffered by the patient. If the patient needs therapy bone marrow stem cells, then do not use cell bone when the patient is taking medication suppressed bone marrow, as if made, will not succeed.
At least 2 weeks before surgery drug related illness must be stopped first. This meant that the cell used is in neutral.
“Stem cells in Indonesia” itself is still limited in scale investigation. Currently, only 11 hospitals in Indonesia, which became the center of development of medical services and education research in tissue-bank and stem cells. Eleven of these hospitals, including Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital Hospital Dr. Soetomo as a consultant.
Next, the following Dr. M. Djamil is, Padang, West Sumatra, Harapan Kita Hospital, Jakarta Fatmawati Hospital, Cancer Hospital Dharmais, Persahabatan Hospital Hospital , Dr. Hasan Sadikin hospital, Bandung, Dr. Sardjito hospital, Yogyakarta, Dr. Karyadi hospital, Semarang, and Sanglah General Hospital, Bali . According to the data recorded in Indonesia itself and 30 people who underwent cell therapy for the heart as well as the knee joint stem. Medical report shows improving results. For example, cartilage damage in the knee. Stem cell therapy that is undertaken regrow cartilage. The knee can be moved back and the patient can walk. The same applies to the heart.

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the price of stem cell therapy
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on the other hand, interest in stem cell therapy in Indonesia is quite high, although they have to spend not a little, reaching hundreds of millions of rupees.
Based on research so far, stem cells are safe for the body. In fact, the side effects of stem cells can actually be a solution to the problem of aging or as an anti-aging effect be. The risks of stem cell therapy are also increasingly used when cells in the human body itself.
Therefore, there is no rejection by the body to the new cell. Differently than cells from other people who might become cancer manner. Therefore, doctors will be very careful and make sure that the cells would not be rejected by the body in the process of stem cell therapy.

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