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Want To Quit Smoking? – This Herb Destroys The Desire For Nicotine (and how to grow it)!


is a well known that smokers trying to quit nicotine experience constant cravings done.

However, it is not an herb powerful that can help you stop smoking and stop unbearable cravings.

Specifically, Stevia comes from the family of the chrysanthemum of Paraguay. This plant has been used as an excellent natural sweetener for years. Stevia is useful in the fight against obesity and diabetes and treatment of hypertension.

What is more important, this plant is capable of destroying any desire for nicotine.

Many people use this plant for the treatment of acne and dermatitis.

This plant can be found in liquid form, leaf, and powder white and green. Since this plant does not require too much, which means it can be easily grown in pots or in your garden.

How to Grow Stevia

Although stevia looks like any other green plant, but it is a fantastic plant because this natural sweetness in their leaves that is also free of calories.

Moreover, in reality it is a tender perennial that loves and tolerates sun and die again in a freeze. However, the roots of this plant can often survive the winter in warmer areas or in zone 8 and 9, but of course with good protection.

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If you decide cottages in containers, take a 12-inch pot with a mixture of soil quality. It is also advisable to water it whenever the top inch of soil is dry and place it in the sun.


Details about the growing Stevia, soil and Care

Depending on the length of the growing season, the plant will grow 1 to 3 feet in loose, loamy and well-drained soil. Bonnie must be fed by grass and plant vegetables, food or compost. Also mulch to prevent drying on hot sunny days.

Note: Stevia does not tolerate soggy soil, and therefore must have good drainage. A common sign of decay is the wilting of plants and can not be recovered after watering.

how to harvest and store:

Once this plant blooms in autumn, the flowers should be cut off and it will make more leaves.

In the fall, this plant actually bears small white flowers and spreads out and provides excellent fewer leaves for harvest. It can also cut flowers in order to maintain the production of leaves longer.

should dry stevia in order to make it comfortable to use and conserve lots of summer. In fact, a day will be sufficient to dry stevia leaves. However, be careful not to dampen dew them.

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Furthermore, in case of a food dehydrator, you can dispose of it. When the leaves become brittle, you must crush by hand or powder using a food processor. Keep them in an airtight container.

Since the leaves do not dissolve powder, they are an amazing way to sweeten their drinks and food alternative.

sweet leaf 2

How to use:

In addition to stevia can help block the cravings of your brain by nicotine, but has several other amazing medical properties.

This plant should be cultivated because their leaves can sweeten foods and beverages without sugar calories.

We recommend using 1/8 teaspoon dried stevia because it is as sweet as 1 teaspoon sugar, sweeteners, when powdered leaves.

Furthermore, the stevia will not caramelize the sugar or bread yeast food when heated.

Source: organicandhealthy.org

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