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Want To Have Shiny And Healthy Hair? READ THIS ARTICLE!

To his strong, healthy and shiny hair, first you need to stop doing all those little mistakes that usually do, taking care of your hair. These errors often make hair dry and damaged. So here in this article we’ll show 12 rules you must follow to have a strong and shiny hair.

  1. At first you need to know that should not be washed more than three times a week. However, if you have to wash your hair more often, you can still stay healthy and shiny. For all hair types it is essential to use good shampoos and hair conditioners, which will strengthen, regenerate and prevent hair breakage.
  2. need apply shampoo only on the top of the head and then shampoo thoroughly the rest of your hair is needed.
    If you rub too the rest of the hair, especially at the top of his head, you will create a lot of nodules tangled hair. At this point, you should know that wet hair is the most fragile hair. Therefore the hair knots will cause hair breakage.
    That’s why you need to thoroughly wash the top of the head, because all grease and dirt accumulate there. As for the rest of the hair it is not enough that is soaked with the foam.
  1. Do not comb your hair while wet. Gently soak up the remaining water with a towel, without rubbing. Then gently run your fingers through your hair after applying conditioner. Then you can comb your hair, but make sure you have a good brush.
  2. Your hair brush not have to be expensive, because the most important thing is rounded peaks, but not said. At the top of the hand you can try to see if the hair brush is rough or smooth. With hairbrushes with the rounded top, hair breakage is minimal and these brushes do not damage your hair.
  3. it is necessary to rinse your hair with cold water. Thus the hair is soft, and most importantly fewer cracks appear.
  4. After washing and combing your hair, towel dry it necessary. Do not put your hair in a turban and do not rub because this way you will surely make hair knots. You need to gently cleanse the hair from root to tip.
  5. excel Before drying your hair, you need to apply oil, cream or spray for thermal protection. Thus, the cracking of the ends of the hair should be avoided.
  6. You can still use hair straightener, curling iron and hair dryer. However, it is very important not to abuse them. Try not to use the straightener or the Figaro every time. Once a week is fine, but nothing more than that surely damage the hair.
  7. After applying the thermal protection means hair, dry it and can begin to straighten your hair. However you need to be careful how straighten hair. First you need to read the manufacturer’s instructions concerning the maximum temperature and time of hair straightening process. ceramic hair straighteners hair are better because they are less damaging to the hair.
  8. Choose a hair dryer with at least 2000W force. This hair your hair dry quickly so that the hair will not have time to reheat. You need to gently brush your hair while drying it. However we must remember that it is necessary to keep the hair dryer at least 5 cm of hair in order to avoid any damage.
  9. Avoid Brazilian hair straightening due to dangerous amounts of formaldehyde.
  10. Almost all hair colors contain peroxide, which destroys the elasticity of hair, which is why the top break. That is why it is necessary to apply the color only on the root and then comb it to tip and leave for a few minutes. To make your hair look fresh for a longer period of time, it is necessary to use shampoos designed for colored hair. If you use these shampoos, hair will look brighter, healthier, and the color will last longer.

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