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Vriskhasana: A Hip-opening Yoga Asana for Beginners

Smoking causes cancer. Smoking is harmful to your health is a legal notice. But these days session is considered as the new smoking. Sitting is killing us. With the number of hours a person goes before increasing the team, the level of their impact are also increasing. So how are you going to beat the bad effects of sitting for long hours?

Some of the harmful effects of sitting for long hours are the narrow hips and lower back pain that is maintained for a very long period. When our hips become tight and rigid, which affects the quality of our mobility and range of motion decreases.

Here is the answer to yoga. Vrikshasana is what we must continue to release tension around his hips. Vrikshasana also called as the tree pose.

Running Vrikshasana?

To begin this posture, standing with feet together. Gently move the weight on the left foot. Slightly bend the right knee and right ankle embrace the hand. Bring the right ankle intertwined and place your right foot on the inner left thigh.

Do not place your right foot on the left knee. Will exert too much pressure on his left knee and can lead to injuries. Place above or below the knee. You can rest your hand on your hips or fold your hands to increase focus.

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Set a point in front of you and focus on it. Gently increase the pressure of his right foot on the inner left thigh. Hold for one minute and repeat the same on the other side.

is considered as a popular balancing pose in yoga. It extends to the thighs and hips. This asana is good for morning practice. accumulated over the hips and lower back areas of tension it is released. This is the very basic pose. As you get used to the pose, you can enter the deepest pose is to close your eyes and lift arms.



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