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VO2 Max: The underappreciated key to health and longevity

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vo2-max (NaturalHealth365) With 46, 2 million Americans – an astonishing one in seven – “. nation gray” today more than 65 years, America is becoming a fact, the census Bureau United States predicts that in less than 50 years older 65 will represent a considerable 21.6 percent of the population. Which is why understanding the relationship between VO2 Max and disease is crucial in today’s society. (As will be seen soon – below)

Our destiny is to be a nursing home? Unfortunately, for many people, the answer is yes – because they simply lack the proper knowledge about how to prevent (and remove) chronic diseases. In the next NaturalHealth365 hour talk, Jonathan Landsman speaks of a topic (very personal) has been underestimated by more conventionally trained doctors on how to avoid the negative effects of aging and premature death.

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Does your doctor to fully understand the VO2 Max and signs of poor mitochondrial function?

First, it is important to understand that aging is not only the accumulation of their chronological years. It is the deterioration that occurs and is associated with decreased production of energy within your body. Far from being just a “symptom” of aging, decreased energy production is the real cause of aging and the development of symptoms of degenerative diseases.

According to Dr. Shallenberger, today there is a dramatic increase in the speed and degree of aging of the population. And, reportedly they may be going on in your body long before symptoms appear. However, with a system again reach optimal production capacity youthful energy, you will be able to slow down so dramatically aging process of your body.

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The key to energy production in the body is connected directly to the mitochondrial performance. Mitochondria are thousands of tiny cells, like bubbles – which convert oxygen into energy by burning fat, protein and sugar. With testing of bio-energy, also called VO2 test, Dr. Shallenberger has designed a computer program that evaluates their ability to produce energy and can predict its’ future health. “

Do you know how well oxygen is used?

Dr. Shallenberger says, ‘there are two main causes of poor energy production. “Decreased metabolism of fat and decreased mitochondrial efficiency Despite these can often be improved with a tailored nutrition and exercise program, there is much more that needs to be understood – at an individual level. – to avoid the negative effects of aging and disease

A safe therapy to improve their energy, fight disease and slow the aging process

While an oxygen molecule contains two oxygen atoms, ozone has actually three. But, far from being an artificial or foreign substance, ozone is naturally inside your body -. Created by white blood cells as part of the immune response

Interestingly: The use of ozone for the treatment of disease dates back to Germany in the 1950s, and thousands of German doctors use ‘ozone therapy’ today. In recent decades, ozone therapy has started to become popular in the United States with health care providers use to treat a wide range of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, Lyme disease, hepatitis, herpes, chronic fatigue, macular degeneration and many forms of autoimmune disease.

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Find ways to avoid the negative effects of aging and greatly improve your energy levels. NaturalHealth365 next hour talk with Jonathan Landsman is not lost, because we offer a powerful message about how to protect your health.

this week’s guest : Frank Shallenberger, MD, H.M.D. – A comprehensive and renowned medical pioneer anti-aging

Discover the most underrated key to health and longevity – Sun. September 25

Frank Shallenberger, M.D., H.M.D., has been practicing holistic medicine since 1978, and is the founder of the Center of Nevada Alternative and Anti-Aging Medicine. The expert in the medical use of ozone in the United States, Dr. Shallenberger has pioneered a revolutionary method of measuring mitochondrial function.

As the president of the American Academy of Ozonoterapia and vice president of the Society of Orthomolecular Health Medicine, Dr. Shallenberger is the author of two books, including “full of energy.”

jonathan landsman About the author : Jonathan Landsman is the large number of NaturalHealth365.com on NaturalHealth365 hour talk – a weekly health free – and NaturalHealth365 CIRCLE monthly to the brightest minds of natural health and healing subscription.

reaching hundreds of thousands of people around the world, as a consultant personal health, writer and radio show host, Jonathan has been educating the public about the health benefits of a non-GMO organic diet along with supplementation of high quality and healthy lifestyle habits, including exercise and meditation.

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