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Vitamin E benefits for body, skin, hair

Vitamin E benefits for body, skin, hair

Vitamin E is often considered the magic ingredient for our health, skin and hair. It can be taken as a dietary supplement, according to the advice of your doctor. There are several natural sources, as well as soy, olive oil and corn. So what can be exact dose of vitamin E should go? Well, ask your doctor / nutritionist for a recount. Meanwhile, we will marvel at some of the benefits of vitamin provides:

Antioxidant: First, it is an antioxidant and can protect cells from damage. As an antioxidant, it can fight free radicals in our body that can damage tissue. Free radicals are facilitated by factors such as smoking and pollution.

increases immunity Health experts also point to take foods rich in vitamin E can improve your immunity levels. It is said that vitamin helps in the production of what is known as the immune cells that produce antibodies kill bacteria.

Treatment of scars: Too much vitamin E oil and skin experts usually go gaga over it. Among other things, vitamin E can be used to deal with acne scars and

anti-aging benefits :.
Vitamin E can help your skin look younger, because it is good for cell regeneration.

Combat premature graying hair:
Vitamin E is excellent for hair health as it can prevent premature aging by slowing the corrosion tissue responsible for aging

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