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Vitamin B6 and Iron Deficiency Associated with Panic Attacks and Anxiety!

A Japanese study has recently been carried out showing that there a strong connection between panic attacks or anxiety and levels of vitamin B6 and iron in the blood.

According to the study, experiencing occasional panic attacks followed by episodes of hyperventilation it may be caused by insufficient nutrient supplementation.

Moreover, panic attacks and hyperventilation are known as psychiatric paroxysms. The symptoms of these attacks hit reality of nowhere.

If you experience at least 4 of the following symptoms, then will be diagnosed with this condition:

  • Increase heart rate
  • Trembling or shaking
  • sweating
  • difficulty breathing or choking sensations
  • Palpitations
  • beating heart

That’s not all, no previous studies have also shown the same results; except that they showed that B vitamins and iron are associated with this disorder.

Specifically, various types of B vitamins, including B2 and B12, were tested in this new study and found that there is no connection between these vitamins and panic attacks or hyperventilation.

However, it is suggested that only deficiency of vitamin B6 is associated with this disorder.

In addition, all B vitamins are linked with better mental health. Conversely, deficiency in vitamin B shows various symptoms, such as emotional instability, fatigue, irritability, anxiety and agoraphobia.

What is more, serotonin, that is, the happiness hormone is synthesized by tryptophan in the human body. In the process of the synthesis of serotonin, vitamin B6, iron and play a crucial role.

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Tryptophan can be more properly through diet. Therefore, it is advisable to eat foods rich in tryptophan, such as chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, grapefruit juice, pistachios, eggs, sesame seeds, mozzarella, and tuna.

or tryptophan, iron and vitamin B6 can also be obtained through supplements. That is to say, have whole foods based on high-quality varieties, such as those manufactured by Megafood and garden of life.

Source: www.herbs-info.com

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