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Vitamin B And Iron Deficiency Can Cause Anxiety And Panic Attacks

A Japanese study conducted in 21 individuals showed that occurs in anxiety and panic attacks are closely associated with levels of vitamin B6 and iron.

Furthermore, this study found that people suffering panick attacks occasionally also characterized by episodes of hyperventilation are deficient in iron and vitamin B6.


Anxiety and panic attacks

According to this study, people who had these vitamins in sufficient quantities suffered no problem nervousness or hyperventilation.

iron and vitamin B6 are crucial for the fusion of tryptophan into serotonin that actually controls the cardiovascular fitness and relaxation as well as mental strength and disposition.

panic attacks and hyperventilation are considered psychiatric conditions and in most cases the symptoms appear suddenly. Some of the most common symptoms are :. Shakiness, tremors, sweating, palpitations and dyspnea

Very often, iron and B vitamins are related to these disorders. However, regardless of this, after doing some tests on different types of vitamin B, the experts concluded that vitamins B2 and B12 have no relation to hyperventilation and panic attacks.

This means that these disorders are only related to a deficiency of vitamin B6. It is worth mentioning that all B vitamins are essential to mental well-being which means that deficiency of either vitamin B can cause damage to your mental health.

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The link between B vitamins and Mental Health

People with adequate levels of vitamin B have better mental health. Poor nutrition, chronic stress, certain medical conditions are just three of the many other factors that can reduce body stores of vitamin B.

Those who experience a deficiency of certain B vitamins usually suffer from agoraphobia, a fear of enclosed public places or crowded spaces. Moreover, the lack of B vitamins can also cause emotional instability, tension, restlessness, anxiety, irritability and fatigue.

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Make sure you choose carefully when you buy supplements because many pharmacies, supermarkets or vitamin stores that sell synthetic vitamins are isolated parts of those found naturally in food.

Source: healthandhealthyliving.com

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