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Video: You Should Never Ever Eat Waterlemons Like This, ABSOLUTELY NEVER!!!

In this video we will say that the alarming information. If you eat watermelon in the way it is, moreover, must stop immediately.

MSNBC wrote:

“Chinese regulations do not prohibit the use of the substance is also permitted in the United States for use in kiwi fruit and grapes … . about 20 farmers and 115 acres of watermelon around Danyang were affected … farmers resorted to chop the fruit and feed the fish and pigs. ”

Those growing them aerosol watermelon ingredient called forchlorfenuron.

that will accelerate the growth of watermelon and make it mature for navigation.

forchlorfenuron is an ingredient that told us to accelerate cell division and delay cell death.

The result of using this substance is larger and fruit explosion.

The application of excess FCF causes cells to divide more rapidly. This is a cancer-like function.

Of course, the higher the multiplication of cells of the largest fruits, but excess growth is not necessarily accompanied by adequate nutrients. Therefore, the stability and nutritional quality of the fruit tends to deteriorate.

A lot of watermelons sold in markets is believed to be sprayed with such substances. Telltale signs are fibrous, misshapen fruit with mostly white instead of black seeds.

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In addition we will present the difference between the normal and the adult watermelon that is treated with chemicals.

One of the easiest signs that knowledge will be taken is its inherent lack of flavor . It may seem plump and mature, but once you bite into it, is anything but a taste sensation.

This shows as a result of rapid growth and no time to develop the seeds.

Many fruits and green vegetables are virtually tasteless.

For watermelons, treated with forchlorfenuron are very large and bright colors on the outside, but the color of the flesh is whiter than deep red. Other telltale signs are white instead of black seeds and stringy, and / or misshapen fruit. (Note, this is for regular watermelons, which have black seeds. The seedless watermelons usually have small white seeds.)

Everything we have discussed so far you can see in the video, and things will be clearer for you.

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