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Video On How A 'Tanim Bala' Syndicate Planted A Bullet On An American Tourist's Luggage Emerges Online

In recent weeks, a growing number of travelers have He has been arrested in the NAIA and other local airports have bullets in his luggage. Some of them claimed they were victims of alleged union “Tanim Bala” operating at the airport.
A video of what could be an incident Tanim-bullet caught in the act emerges online and has been shown on November 8, 2015, in a news program TV
video, which was shown in 24 Oras on GMA 7 was presented to the lawin (interest legal advocates Workers) Law Office of Eloisa Zoleta. – Stepmother alleged victim ‘TANIM-bullet Lane, Michael White. The clip showed two staff members of airport security to open and empty the bag of 20-year-old American traveler.
Airport staff in the video were identified as Marvin Garcia and Maria Elma Supper.
In the video, Garcia and Dinner can be seen empty white luggage, which was then brought back to the x-ray scanner. Security then calls the attention of the family, pointing to the x-ray photo showed the bullet. (Efforts MB online to contact Garcia and Cena were ignored.)
White was arrested six days after a .22 bullet was seen in the outside pocket of your luggage September 17 and is currently on bail after paying bail of 40,000 pesos.
White, who was traveling to Coron, Palawan with his stepmother, was stopped by airport security and taken to the Office of Transport Security (OTS). The staff allegedly asked P30,000 white, but he refused to pay.
expected blank to use the video as evidence in his motion to dismiss the charge of illegal possession of ammunition filed against him.
lawin representative Atty. Ernesto Arellano told the Manila Bulletin in a telephone interview that “probably can call a press conference on November 11, after the hearing of the proposed judicial determination of probable cause.”
Arellano added that the applicant is set to file a case against the security personnel at the airport after that hearing, but the family of white would like to go back to the United States first did now as an extended stay in the Philippines, thanks to the ‘Tanim-bullet incident.
President Benigno Aquino III has ordered Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya to investigate the incidents.

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