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Video-catching sunglasses: Shades to help record what you see

disappearance messaging service Snapchat announced Saturday will launch a line of sunglasses-video capture, a spin on glass spectacles abandoned by Google makes more one year.

The California-based company, which also announced it is changing its name to Snap Inc., said in an online message that your glasses will be “available soon” with media reports set the price at $ 130 per couple.

“We have been working in recent years to develop a completely new type of camera,” said the charge for the team Snap.

“Glasses are sunglasses with an integrated video camera that makes it easy to create memories.”

Snap earlier this year added a way to save images as “memories”, a change of a meet messages that disappear after being consulted.

Glasses were billed for having one of the smallest wireless cameras in the world, capable of capturing worth a day of the “fit” on a single charge.

sunglasses Snap software to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections.

video cameras glasses taken from the user perspective, have a 115 degree field of vision, and video capture fragments destined to share in the service.

“Imagine one of your favorite memories,” Snap said.

“What if I could go back and see that the memory of the way has experienced? That’s why we built Glasses”.

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Snap estimated to have more than 100 million users worldwide service for sending video, images and text messages that disappear after being consulted. Some reports say that generates 10 billion video views per day.

Braking glass

Google in January last year halted sales of its Internet-linked glasses glass, which became available in the United States in early 2014.

The technology titan put a damper on a program of “browser” that allow people interested in splashing Glass long awaited by some, mocked by others to buy glasses for $ 1,500 each.

The glass test program was later expanded to Britain, but there is a general consumer version was released.

crystal connected to the Internet via WiFi hotspots or, more generally, access wirelessly be attached to mobile phones.

Google Glass had been hit with criticism due to privacy concerns because the devices were able to capture images and video.

Glasses, expected to be in limited quantities when they hit the market, would put pressure on GoPro, whose mini-cameras are designed for people to capture video from a personal perspective efforts.

GoPro last week unveiled new Hero5 cameras, a drone called Karma and cloud-based for editing video and share in hopes of raising profits service, which have been hit by competition from everywhere.

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GoPro became an early hit with extreme sports enthusiasts who used the mini-cameras to film his exploits, and went on to win adolescents and young adults interested in sharing videos on YouTube and social networks.

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