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Vegan NFL Player Is Breaking The Beefy Stereotype


When you think NFL players, “ vegan ” may not be the first word that comes to mind. Many people think that muscle, commercial players thick soup, and a whole lot of testosterone . While some of that truth may sound, defensive lineman David Carter is proving you do not need meat to be an NFL player.

What gave rise to this lineman 300 pounds to make the switch to plant foods It is no secret that football can take its toll on the body. After being picked up by the Oakland Raiders at the end of 2013 (Carter now players of the Chicago Bears), Carter tendinitis shoulder was paralyzing him. Several fingers were numb and it hurt to get out of the tub.

At the time, Carter was trying to make his way up to 300 pounds of 285lbs, so he started adding a lot of dairy products to your diet. This includes ice cream shakes and liters of milk. What he did not know, but soon learn, it is that dairy products actually contribute and can worsen forms of tendinitis. Because chemicals pasteurisation and what the cows are fed, dairy products can be very harmful to the body . Carter discovered this after watching several documentaries about veganism. Once realized the link between dairy products and tendinitis who made the herbal change the next day.

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In the initial stage of going vegan, lost 40 pounds. A defensive lineman looks tiny at 250 pounds, but he realized he was feeling better, ran faster, and could lift a heavier weight. Besides all that, the shoulder pain disappeared after a couple of months. As he learned about different protein sources which is an integral aspect of your diet, Carter was able to work his way back to his original 300 pounds.

His dairy alternatives now include sunflower seeds, cannellini beans, spirulina, hemp protein, millet, quinoa, and many other vegetables. He also added homemade sauerkraut, which is an excellent probiotic his vegetarian diet. Carter truly embraces being a vegan because it completely changed his life for the better, and enjoys educating people about the many food choices that are available for vegans.

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