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Various Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Water is an important source of life as more than 80 percent of the land in which we live consists of water. It can be found everywhere and anywhere, from icy glaciers to salty oceans. Needless to say, water is very important when it comes to sustaining life.

When it comes to us humans, the human body is comprised percent water about 75%. In the human body, water helps in many ways, hydrates the entire body, keeps the muscles lubricated regulates blood flow, rejuvenates the skin , it aids digestion and breathing. In short, water is the source of life in the human body.


Here are some of the health benefits of drinking water:

There is no strange fact that Drinking water is very beneficial for you and your body.

Health-benefits-of-drinking-water-advantages-of-drinking-water rids the body of toxins:
Toxins are formed in the body due to a stressful and hectic life that leads to the release of hormones stress, together with adrenaline. The human body can not distinguish between stress and fear caused by their very primal instincts; as a result, a lot of hormones that make remain in a state of alertness is secreted.

Along with these, bad habits like smoking, drinking alcohol and eating junk food causes a lot of chemicals and undigested food left inside the body. All these along with environmental pollutants are a lot of toxins within the body which gradually accumulate over time. Water is a natural solvent and drinking water regularly, these toxins are slowly dissolves so that they can pass through the excretory system in the form of sweat, urine and feces.

help weight loss:
All gurus weight loss harp on about drinking at least eight glasses of water a day. The reason behind this is twofold.

First, since water is a universal solvent, all the food they eat become a fine paste as the body begins to digest it to make it easier for the body to process. As it becomes easier digestion, metabolism of your body starts to rise which improves the ability to burn calories from your body. Your body starts to use food in a better way and turns it into energy ready to use, as opposed to the creation of fat deposits. This facilitates weight loss.

The second reason is quite simple. As much water is consumed, the stomach, which is like a balloon begins to fill and there is less space in it. With little or no space, the stomach does not send out hormones and activates the brain indicating hungry, and stave Eating extra calories and junk meaningless in the absence of these signals.

More often than not, many overweight people have a tendency to overeat without realizing when your body is dehydrated and needs water. Drinking enough water helps clean these signs and markings weight loss an achievable goal.

Stabilizes mood
Mood swings, emotional disorders and stress occur in humans due to the tight schedule and a life even busier that gives them time to enjoy activities that bring relief and joy to them. Stress such as work, fighting at home or even a traffic jam causes the body to release hormones that are released at the time of an attack. Like animals, these hormones increase the level of adrenaline in the body and cause everything else that puts the body on alert. In this heightened sense of vigilance and preparation, many important body signals are ignored and when the level of these stress hormones decreases, the body is very tired and hungry. The mind is too messy, causing many mood swings in humans. As a result, you feel sad, unhappy and sad. In general, you are not in a very good place.

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Water, not only the system within your body literally cools, but also tunes the amount of hormones released during this time. Stress hormones are basically chemicals that the body and bodily responses are heated. The water mixes with these hormones and response off. As a result, your mood feels lifted and feels calm when water is drunk in such situations. Therefore, it is advisable to drink water whenever you feel angry, agitated or stressed, in general.

The digestion in the human body occurs when saliva is mixed with the chewed food and the food passes through the feed tube (esophagus), which is then mixed with the acids present in the stomach. These acids in the stomach, food is burned and converted into energy giving substances that then dissipate through the body.

Drink plenty of water before and during feeding ensures that food is properly chewed and shapes and even porridge or paste that makes it easier for the body to transport food around the body. Since the feeding tube and stomach are not very large, more water intake, the easier the process of digestion becomes energy and nutrients and foods that are more readily available for the body to distribute. If you do not drink enough water, you may feel weak or lazy after eating.

Prevents headaches and hangovers:
headaches and hangovers are basically related problems with muscles that occur when the muscles around your head constrict too hard. Hangovers occur when, after ingestion of a large amount of alcohol, the muscles were in a constant state of arousal and alertness and are now tired but are unable to relax back into its original state.

Water relaxes the muscles in and around the head. All systems and organs of the human body reacts positively to water and when the muscles of the head contact with water, they begin to contract and relax. This helps relieve the pain of headaches and hangovers.

stimulates the immune system:
Water helps transport of all nutrients throughout the body. As a result, there are fewer toxins in the body and body system it is clean inside. The passage of all is smooth. White blood cells and anti-oxidants, as a result are able to travel smoothly through the body and this stimulates the immune system!

One of the main factors and causes of aging in humans is the present of additional oxygen ions in the body. These oxygen ions occur due to exposure to harmful chemicals, sun, pollution, cosmetics and this style of modern and hectic life.

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Water has the ability to dissolve these oxygen ions and prevents them from reacting with the body. Water also gets rid of toxins from the body that accumulate due to pollution and junk food that causes outward signs of aging. Wrinkles and crow’s feet are few such problems are due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Therefore, water helps in the process of aging and drinking 10 glasses of water a day keeps you young and fresh.

Reduces the risk of heart attack:
Heart attacks and other cardiac problems arise when blood vessels in the human body at the beginning obstruct and blood flow becomes rough and uncomfortable. The heart muscles are under a lot of stress to pump blood more than enough blood does not reach the second. This causes the system to crash.

Water works in the good process to maintain adequate blood flow and also helps digest fats and lipids in the body that would otherwise have clogged arteries and heart, thus preventing a heart attack.

What drinking too much water can do?

But too much of anything is harmful. Although the human body requires a lot of water, which is designed to digest and absorb only a limited amount, after which the water can be detrimental.

Health-benefits-of-drinking-water-Drinking-water-Uses This is how drinking too much water can be harmful:

Water intoxication:
This occurs when there excess water in the system that makes the electrolytes in the body to go out of sync and causes symptoms related to poisoning. The brain stops working. Although it is very difficult to consume a lot of water, many people consume a lot of water in one sitting, causing the body reacts to it and therefore causing water intoxication.

Increase blood volume
Blood is liquid and when excessively large amounts of water, the water begins to dissolve in the blood and increase blood volume consumed in the body. When this volume is too high for the body to circulate properly, the heart and blood vessels the weight of this feel.

Strains Kidneys:
The kidneys are an essential part of the system execratory , especially the urinary system. When water passes through the system, kidneys take all nutrients and release it along with excess toxins as urine and sweat. With excess water in the system, the kidneys do not have enough time to go through the full movements and may even fail.

Bloating kidney:
Kidneys are small organs in the form of beans and when there is a lot of water in the system, kidneys, may even inflate to a larger size and this hinders proper operation. All this does not mean that you need to be afraid of drinking water. excessively large amounts mean the demolition of three to four liters or more of water at once, continuously. Apart from this, the water is less dangerous. It has so many advantages that should always point to your recommended eight glasses of water a day minimum daily, for best results.


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