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Use This Herb To Naturally Whiten Teeth( Video)

Try it to believe it! The yellow powder is smearing is the incredible solution for white teeth.

Man of the video read an article on Examiner.com called “whiten teeth safely with Turmeric” and as turmeric was one of his spices favorite we decided to try.

Use This Herb To Naturally Whiten Teeth( Video)

Most people are familiar with beneficial properties of turmeric as protecting the brain against aging, reducing inflammation, which has a powerful antibacterial and antiseptic and is not suppressed if you have even more unknown beneficial properties.

For example, turmeric is also used as a beauty product and can be consumed orally or topically used as a mask to reduce large pores on the face and that is why brides Indian use before marriage.

Why not make toothpaste with half a teaspoon of turmeric powder and some water and be brave to try.

But be very careful because anything out of his mouth is bright yellow if it gets in contact with turmeric (including toothbrush). But again they are perfectly white teeth after using this paste.

Turmeric is ideal for oral hygiene in general, not only to make your teeth whiter, as it has strong anti-inflammatory properties that are beneficial for gyms. This is especially useful for people over 30 and over 90% of them suffer from gum disease. It also has antimicrobial properties and is why it is effective in destroying the bag germs that cause cavities and gum disease (also taking vitamin K2)


Preparation. It is necessary 1/2 tablespoon dried organic turmeric root (buy it at any health food store) and then add a little water to make a paste. He puts it in a small bowl and then apply a little on the brush (the brush will become irreversible yellow) and brush your teeth as normal. Wait for the results !!!

Source: http://www.realfarmacy.com

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