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Use These Two Things to Make Your Bathroom Fragrant for Days

Maintaining your bathroom clean and fresh smell can be very demanding. However, if you know this useful advice, you can always have fresh air in this small room, but very important at home. I want to share with you today is how to make a natural air freshener for toilet and bathroom. This home freshener is equally effective as store-bought, but it comes with three additional benefits – it is chemical-free, easy to make and very low cost. In addition, the fragrance gives is long lasting, which is not the case of industrial products.

Use These Two Things to Make Your Toilet Fragrant for Days

DIY toilet freshener

the best of this review Natural homemade is that it is very quick and easy to do. And the only two things to ensure long lasting freshness in your bathroom are:

– a roll of toilet paper, and

-. Some essential oil of your choice


All you need to do is drop a few drops of your favorite essential oil on the inner side of the roll, the the paper rolls. And that’s it! It could not be simpler.

Thus, a lasting fragrance will ensure in your bathroom or until the paper roll is exhausted.

Optionally, you can experiment with different oils. As usually has more rolls of toilet paper in the bathroom, one in the holder and the other (s) on the shelf, put a few drops of different essential oils in each.

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The result is amazing – your bathroom will smell simply stunning !!! Especially when the toilet paper relaxing …

This is more or less a combination of 2 to 1. Not only will you have a refreshing and natural fragrance in the bathroom, but there will be scented toilet paper! And totally natural!

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