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Use a Kool-Aid Drink To Make A Shocking Beauty Tricks!

The Kool-Aid is a drink mix and is perfect for cooling during the summer. Today we present the trick that can be done, using the Kool-Aid drink. Its use can make your lipstick with a delicious lip stain, also make some changes in your hair, add some new colors or refresh your old clothes.


So, let’s start!

How to make your own lip stain?

Using a cotton swab or finger, is mixed with a few drops of water. Leave on for a few minutes. When removed from the mouth will be a bright shade of Kool-Aid wonder.
NOTE :. If the stain begins to be uneven, clean it and repeat the process until evenly dyed his mouth

How to make a hair color?

You can use this drink mix to dye hair.

These are the instructions: Make a paste mixture and a little water. Apply on hair, cover with foil and leave for the time that entire night. In the morning, rinse.
The other way is to use boiled water with Kool-Aid and wet hair in it for about 7 minutes. The color will be intense and very bright.

How to dye your clothes with him?

Furthermore, the use of a mixture of Kool-Aid can be dyed our old clothes, especially if they are cotton (due to better absorption). Just use the same method to dye her hair. You can invite your friends and have fun!

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