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Urad dal -health benefits | Health benefits of black urad dal

Urad dal also called as white or black lentils lentils.

is úrad dal also to be used as the main ingredient in

Indian cuisine to prepare a healthy diet.Black

urad dal / lentils is all forms of urad dal. There are

not much difference between black and white lentils

apart from the shell / outer cover. In the white lentil

is removed skin / outer shell.


Urad is available in the market as divided black bean, split and

husked beans, whole / black bean lentils.

nutritional facts:

This is to be a rich dal protein for vegetarians that provide all the essential required

nutrients. They are also easy to get digested.

Black gram is rich in minerals, vitamins and no cholesterol.

is a storehouse of copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, calcium, potassium and many


As used in the kitchen:

  1. By doing nothing soft
  2. Use black lentils, while frying to grind chutneys.
  3. is used to make dal Makhani
  4. white lentils are used along with Channa dal, while the temperate / TADKA.
urad dal Split / lentils

Health Benefits

  • Black gram used to have an anti-aging property that helps to get a clear and flawless skin.
  • It acts as Vitalizer for proper hair growth. You can also add in your diet or apply
  • as hair mask.
  • black lentils was found to have protein, fat and carbohydrates that are required by
  • human body.
  • Black gram is found to be healthy pulse, as it is rich in iron. They help drive
  • energy levels and keep active.
  • Urad dal is also good for the heart, lowers cholesterol and improves cardiovascular health.
  • To have strong bones urad dal black consume regularly. Urad dal has both soluble and
  • Insoluble fibers help relieve constipation
  • Increases the secretion of milk in nursing mothers and also increases sperm quality
  • and count.
lentils white items [Negroy

Baby foods

are as good source of all vital elements, rich in fiber, easily digestible, urad is basically

recommended by doctors to feed the baby as idlys. healthy any time and safer

food is always bagged arms crossed.

For new mothers

I’ll try to update soon balls recipe urad dal Kazhi / urad dal given to the ladies

after delivary in the villages. The scientific reason behind this is to improve bone strength

and maintain the level of calcium, which could fall while feeding babies.


  1. When the nutritional and health benefits, black lentils provide more compare
  2. nutrients. So try to introduce the mostly black lentils in your regular kitchen.
  3. I now know that in our tradition village which soaks the black gram and washed many
  4. times to remove the outer skin and then grind to idlys. Since it is a time consuming
  5. process, which today choose to soak lentils white idly


Few notes boldsky and books and medical experts from ancestral villages.

Try black gram dal intake in their diet
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