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Unwanted weapons? 3 ways to get rid of them safely in Birmingham

unwanted weaponYou could turn your unwanted guns into something beautiful like this! Photo via Art of Peace.

Then, for one reason or another, you find a pair of unwanted weapons (or more!) In your hands. Maybe he inherited them, or he simply has some old weapons he no longer wants. If you are looking to properly dispose of a firearm, here are three ways to make it possible in Birmingham.

1. Hand over your weapon to the local police station

Birmingham police posing in the Magic City. Photo via the Birmingham Police Department.

One of the easiest ways to get rid of your firearm is to deliver it to your local police station. To do this, first call the non-emergency number of the Birmingham Police: 205.328.9311

During your call, you will be given two options:

Schedule an appointment to bring your gun
Depending on the season, schedule an hour for an officer to come by your house to collect the firearm.

2. Sell it and get some cash

unwanted weaponPhoto by Kevork Djansezian.

If you want to sell your weapon, consider finding a private weapons repurchase program. While these programs may not pay market value, you could get some cash.

In addition, you can sell it to a local arms retailer, such as Mark’s Outdoors or Southeastern Guns.

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Another option is to sell your weapons to the National Center for Unwanted Firearms.

1) First, complete your contact form or call (833) GIV-GUNS
2) Wait to receive a box and instructions on how to properly pack your firearm.
3) Send the firearm to the National Center for Unwanted Firearms.

3. Turn your gun into art

Unwanted weaponWith a little fat on the elbow, you could make a gun display to hang over your fireplace. Photo via Sportsman Guide.

First, make sure you deactivate your weapon yourself or take it to a gunsmith. Then, decide how you would like to transform it. Here are some ideas!

Create a decorative plate: For example, if the weapon has sentimental value, you can mount it on a screen and hang it in your home.
Turn it into furniture: Or, if you are cunning, you could turn the weapon into a household object like a lamp.
Turn it into art: You will have to be creative here. But, the possibilities are endless.
"Recoil" by Tom Hubbard, on display at Space One Eleven. Photo via Space One Eleven.

Also, if you want some inspiration, take a look at the exhibition in Space One Eleven entitled "We dare to defend our rights." The exhibition is open until December 31 and can be visited during gallery hours (from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Tuesday to Friday.)

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Have you transformed an old weapon into a work of art? Be sure to tag @bhamnow and show us!

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