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United Parcel Service testing use of drones for emergency deliveries of medical supplies

Beverly, Sep 23: United Parcel Service Inc said it began testing the use of unmanned aircraft to deliver emergency medical this week supplies with a flight in rural Massachusetts, the company hopes to eventually lead to federal approval drone as a regular delivery option.

The test flight Thursday was handled by CyPhy, a manufacturer of unmanned aircraft based in Massachusetts Danvers, where the UPS, the largest delivery company packages in the world, has a stake.

The drone handed a small packet of Beverly, which is located about 25 miles northeast of Boston, Children’s Island, a summer camp for children three miles from the Atlantic coast.

The drone, painted brown and with a UPS logo on the front, made the trip in about 8 minutes.

“This demonstrates a drone is the best and most efficient way to deliver a package in a medical emergency in a remote place,” Helen Greiner, CTO and founder of CyPhy, told Reuters.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) last month published regulations that restrict the use of unmanned aircraft within line of sight of the operator.

Mark Wallace, UPS vice president of global engineering, said the company hopes to persuade the FAA to allow UPS to expand its testing and ultimately provide emergency deliveries drone as part of their services.

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Earlier this year, UPS announced it was backing up about unmanned start using in Rwanda to transport blood supplies and vaccines that can save lives aircraft.

Drones are seen as having great potential to deliver packages, once the security concerns of the FAA have been addressed.

Online retailer Amazon.com Inc has been testing unmanned aircraft in the UK, Canada and Denmark, while Wal-Mart has been using to manage inventory in warehouses.

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