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Unbelievable Video – A Norwegian Woman Gives Birth To Baby Elephant!


Female from Norway gives birth to millions of baby elephant Hindus around the world have begun a trip to Norway after a couple of Norway recently gave birth to a half human and half elephant son ​​ that many Hindu practitioners believe is the reincarnation of the popular deity Ganesha .

Huzlers have more: He is commonly depicted as a man with multiple limbs and head of an elephant, which if it were to exist in reality, the mere sight of that haunt us to the grave. Alexandar and Lola Andersen tried to keep her son a secret from the world first, but soon the images of the child, along with the identity of the family leaked to the media.

Andersen were celebrities in the country of India. “We wish they would stop outside our house hanging. Why not going to leave us alone? We’ve had enough. My baby looks like an elephant and what is worse, it is a Ginger . If I deliver a basket, I’ll stab them in their phase “said Lola Andersen, the baby’s name. When asked the name of the child, the parent Alexandar only answered “never really gave it a name.

to quite honest we were just going to call the creature we have in the basement. We essentially just going to keep the small gingerphant in the basement and feed he shunts we picked up off the road. This does open up some new options . we could sell to India. It is likely to leave he live in the Taj Mahal. “

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