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Unbelievable: Cancer can be cured in 3 Minutes With the Mind!


This impressive theory has known for years. The famous American author Gregg Braden is known for his theories of cancer treatment which states that emotions affect DNA and the collective power of thought (prayer, offered. ..) can cure any physical illness.

Cancer occurs in the influence of intent and knowledge of the existence of a connection between our thinking and manifestation in the physical world when a field
associated used …

This essential field speaker is tested and published in the journal “Nature” in 1996.

cancer cure

The control over thoughts and emotions

Our thoughts and emotions produce an electromagnetic field. The waves in this area reaches up to one meter body.
According to the time of Nikola Tesla, he said that one day people with the power of their thoughts produce electricity, which means that our thoughts are especially strong energy.

The general ideas can especially create strong electromagnetic field and to operate in the environment. When developing this technique, which is no longer fantasy, but it is a technology that is based on treatment. This was demonstrated in a shocking video of a hospital in China, where is the proof of cancer treatment for three minutes with a size of 3 x 2.5 cm, monitoring the entire process using ultrasound screen. The video can be seen in the following. To be able to produce a strong electromagnetic radiation, you should learn to create control over your thoughts and emotions and to reinforce them with training.

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Emotions change the DNA

Our emotions and feelings are mirrors. Everything we produce within us, is reflected in the environment and space and get what lies within us. For example, if we say “a day that will replace or be a happy day, a day I will get a good job, etc.” mirror answers us to be never or very far in the future. If we speak against it and believe there will be a change from now, at this time (as happened), then we will change our DNA and we are changing.

Science argued for years that our faith and feelings have no impact on our life and disease, but psychology says otherwise. In fact, our feelings, thoughts, emotions and faith govern everything that happens in ourselves and in our lives.

Emotions changed the DNA, I remember!

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