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Unbelievable Bathroom Cleaning Tips for Cleaning the Rust, Eliminating Any Bad Odors, and Much More!

Now, we will share with you some interesting, cheap and useful for cleaning that can help keep bathroom hygiene advice at the highest level.

Of course, no one likes cleaning the bathroom, but must be done at least once a week. However, cleaning the bathroom does not have to be a boring or difficult thing to do!

Some useful for bathroom cleaning tips:

– Washer

Click filling it with hot water, then add a quarter cup of stroke, and start a short cycle. It should go off after several minutes, and left for about 60 minutes. Finally, there is that ignited the longest cycle that will actually eliminate all odors, and the washing machine will shine again!

– Bath

The tub can be easily cleaned by using grapefruit and sea salt. First, the fruit should be cut in half, the flat end submerged in salt, and rub the tub. At least, wash with water. In addition, the cutting board in the kitchen can be cleaned with the same procedure.

– Clock

Prepare a mixture of lemon juice, soda and apple cider vinegar in order to clean the toilet and get rid of all odors bicarbonate.

– shower

Add a cup of apple cider vinegar in a suitable plastic bag and set it in the shower head using a rubber band to disinfect and is clean and bright. Ensure that must be completely submerged in stroke and leave it for about an hour. In the end, it should be washed using water.

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– Sink

Make a mixture of potassium bitartrate and a little lemon juice, apply it on a toothbrush, and then clean the sink oxidation. At least, rinse with water.

– Flats and tiles

Combine 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide, a half cup of baking soda and a teaspoon of dish detergent. By using the resulting mixture should be cleaned and the floor tiles in the bathroom.

Sounds easy, right?

Source: www.goodmorningcenter.com

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