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Ummm, when will Instagram get rid of my likes?


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Welp, the worst nightmare of each influencer has been officially made: Instagram is getting rid of the likes, and the creators of the application are beginning to implement the first stages of the function for some selected users. Egad!

But if you are not an influencer and you feel fatigued by the pressure of getting the most likes and cure a perfect image, with coordinated colors, the good news here is that Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri is on your side .

According to Adam, the reason he and the developers of the application decided to remove Like is because they want people who use the application to be happy. "We will make decisions that harm the business if they help the well-being and health of people … it means that we are going to put the interests of a 15-year-old child before the interest of a public speaker," he said. Cabling. "When we look at the world of public content, we are going to put people in that world before organizations and corporations."

If this sounds great to you and makes you wonder Wait, why haven't my likes yet been removed from Instagram?Patience, young grasshopper. Here is everything you need to know about removing likes from Instagram and when you can expect it to affect you.

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Who first removed their likes from Instagram?

Instagram announced for the first time that it was going to try Like to hide in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Japan and New Zealand in April. You can remember this as the dramatic (but not quite serious) "Like count ban" that caused the Australian influencer Mikaela Testa to cry when she launched in July: you can't invent this shit!

What does it look like to not like on Instagram?

Instead of quantifying the amount of likes a user receives in a post, Instagram will now publicly display "Like by (insert user here) and others. "The user can see how many likes he receives in his post on his profile, but only if he chooses to do so.


"We want people to worry a little less about the amount of likes they get on Instagram and spend a little more time connecting with the people they care about," he said at the annual Facebook software developer conference in 2018. "We don't do it. I don't want Instagram to feel like a competition."

When will my likes of Instagram hide?

If you are in the United States, you probably know someone who already has their hidden Likes! Business insider He reported last week that the Hidden Like feature has already begun to be implemented, so it is very possible that it will be next.

Can I choose to leave?

Sorry, you can't choose if you want your Instagram likes to be hidden or not.

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Source: https://www.cosmopolitan.com/lifestyle/a29844953/when-instagram-likes-hidden-like-count-ban-explained/

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