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Typewise wants to get rid of the only keyboard layout you know how to use

Over the years, the keyboard layout used in phones has not seen many changes. While we have been presented with many new features, such as typing, automatic correction and word prediction, it is not often that we see a reinvented keyboard layout. Now Typewise is looking to shake things up by doing something about it.

Launched internationally after a successful smooth launch in Switzerland, Typewise offers users a completely redesigned keyboard. Composed of hexagon-shaped tiles, the long-standing QWERTY design disappeared. It's a shocking reimagining of the keyboard, built from scratch for mobile devices. Although it may take some time for early users to get used to this new way of typing, Typewise reports that its users see an 80% reduction in typographical errors when using this keyboard. To help users switch to Typewise, the application also includes an in-depth tutorial to teach everyone how the system works. For example, swiping up will capitalize the letters, swiping to the left will delete the text and swiping to the right will restore the deleted text.

The company says its AI can run completely offline, allowing for higher levels of privacy. Like other keyboards, you can learn about the habits of your users to predict, correct and add words to your vocabulary. Typewise probably will not become the status quo of keyboards in the future, but innovation in a stagnant field is always welcome.

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Typewise keyboard: large keys, privacy, swipe
Typewise keyboard: large keys, privacy, swipe

Price: Free +

Source: https://www.androidpolice.com/2019/12/16/typewise-wants-to-get-rid-of-the-only-keyboard-layout-you-know-how-to-use/

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