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Each food contains different substances, vitamins, minerals, sugars and many other things. Some of these substances are healthy, and some are harmful to the body. Today we present five types of food found at the top of the list of foods that can damage teeth.
Gummy Candy

gummies are at the top of the list of foods that can damage teeth. All sweets have the ability to damage the teeth, but the jelly beans are the most damaging capacity. Small pieces of candy (gummy) are glued to the teeth and have the ability to use and damage. For this reason, scientists are advised to avoid gum drops, but if you eat immediately after eating go and brush your teeth.

Carbonated beverages

CSDs are also a powerful food that can cause damage to the teeth and can also damage the whole organism. They contain acids that have incredibly strong effect on teeth. Neither diet varieties are not good because they contain acids even more powerful, and have a strong negative effect on teeth.

Fruit juices

Yes, we always talk only good positive things about a fruit juice. They are filled with substances that are helpful for the body. But unfortunately because they are harmful to teeth because they contain a lot of sugar. This can be solved by brushing or using chewing gum without sugar intake of fruit juice. Scientists say that adding a little water to freshly squeezed juice can reduce this impact.

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Due to the ingredients contained in a short period of time, coffee can make your teeth yellow. However, we can easily solve this problem dentist, where they used the technique to whiten teeth. If you are concerned about changing the color of teeth, have a consultation with your dentist.


Both red and white wine are harmful to teeth. Especially red, which contain substances that stick to the teeth and has a destructive power, literally. So never forget to clean your teeth after consuming wine.


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