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Twinkle Khanna Reveals The Secret To Her Healthy Self And Family

The last time we saw Ms. Funnybones Twinkle Khanna was at the launch of the nature of Godrej’s new range of organic basket, alternative health products. She was at his dazzling best curiously decided to end its health secrets in the event. From what we understand, there are 5 best ways that you can have balance in your life and therefore always look green!


Health Tips Top 5 Twinkle Khanna

1. Involve your family in the process of decision-making diet

Centella believes it is of utmost importance that the tastes and preferences of each family member are taken into account in planning a diet. She, in fact, you let your 14 year old son decide what can be your alternative to dairy products. Since you can not consume dairy products, it puts himself instead of almond milk.

Such provisions help to avoid the inevitable friction that often comes in the form of maintaining a particular diet, especially when you are trying to eat healthy and having to deal with fussy eaters . After all, why her family was forced to eat or deprived of certain foods according to their wishes? And if Akshay Kumar can be a part of discussions diet at home, what can your partner!

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2. Cooking Hacks for Indian mother

Mrs. Khiladi lives up to its name when it comes to cooking tips. She explains how it meets the demands of noise for a hamburger, replacing stuffing with quinoa tikki! Khanna ensures that always carry ‘makhana’ to a theater, rather than having popcorn in a movie theater unhealthy. Their roti made with pureed vegetables for children not complain that there are too many greens at the dinner table. Mama SWAG personified, say!

3. Ditch the gym and go soak in a little fresh air

The author of Funnybones Mrs Khanna explains how she is not personally favor go to the gym. Meditating in garden care is another of his favorite activities. So ladies, if you find it hard to manage time for workouts, just take a relaxing stroll or meditate in the garden or park closer.

4. Maintain a positive attitude

A life hack it claims to have inherited from her mother, Twinkle explains how important it is to let your problems fly like balloons helium, instead of making you weigh, especially if you want to stay healthy and happy. It is not easy, but always worth trying. Personally, she prefers lost amidst volumes of literature to free your mind of negative thoughts. At other times his writing serves as yoga for her!

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5. Take a Periodically caprice

While having a whole bucket of ice cream itself is definitely a sacrilege, Twinkle Khanna believes that periodic scoop ‘ sitaphal ‘frozen natural products or a piece (or two) of chocolate chip cookie is a need to keep playing! Perhaps a similar philosophy cheat day when dieting or the 80/20 rule .

Twinkle Khanna certainly makes it seem like being beautiful agelessly not require much eh? Only it must be committed to their goal and life solved!

PS-not forget that morning glass of lemon and hot water every day. Ms. Funnybones swears by it

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October 4, 2016

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