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Turn On Your Weight Loss Hormones With These 7 Steps

Although permanently exercise and follow the diet rules, often have difficulty getting rid of excess pounds . The only reason for this unpleasant situation is that hormones weight loss that have not been connected.


Many processes in the human body are important to burn excess fat. some hormones must go to these processes. For example the hormones T3 and T4 are required for metabolism. He is not able to break down food properly without these hormones.

However, there are hormones, such as cortisol, glucagon and insulin that make the fat burning. You may exercise 7 days a week and ideally follow the diet rules and get minimal results, when those hormones are not functioning properly.

The general cause of this situation is the modern environment -. Which is full of toxins that damage hormones

xenohormones as BPA seeps into their bodies by plastic bottles and therefore alter and damage the production of some hormones.

Triclosan and parabens are chemicals dump consisted of many products for body care that cause weight loss almost impossible.

Ditching commercial products for skin and plastic bottles only two perfect ways to activate the hormones weight loss.

These are another 7 steps:

skip meals 1.Do

Skipping meals is not a good way to burn excess pounds. All studies have shown that regular consumption of meals, especially breakfast, wakes up significantly their hormones and increase your metabolism.

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2.Intake a lot of proteins

The brain communicates with the hormone leptin (as food is consumed). leptin kicks in and makes you feel full when calorie intake corresponds to the amount that is burning.

Processed foods and fats actually lead to inflammation in the brain that actually makes it much less potent in collecting leptin. The brain is extremely sensitive to leptin when organic protein and other healthy foods are consumed.

Best source of protein include:

  • Legumes and grains
  • milk walnuts, pistachios, almonds
  • organic fish (not farmed)
  • hormone-free and organic milk

3.Lift Pesa

the body raleasess more testosterone when you lift weights. This hormone helps lose weight and strengthen muscles. All you need to launch your testosterone action is lifting weights.

4.Get enough sleep

Only a few people know that leptin is released during sleep. Leptin levels are low in the body if they sleep less than 6 hours. You will consume more food to compensate energy deficiency in this situation .That can have catastrophic effects in the long term.

5.Increase oxytocin levels

One of the hormones related to stress reduction and relaxation is oxytocin. This is very important hormone is the process of weight loss and stress is one of the biggest reasons for their eating habits. Without giving less than 8 hugs a day and interact with animals are ways to increase their levels of oxytocin.

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You can increase your weight loss adrenal hormone through breathing exercises. Simply you can increase your metabolism with this hormone. The latest study has shown that people who breathe through each nostril 28 times, four times a day, had an increase in metabolic rate of almost 40%.

7.Decrease sugar consumption

We all know that insulin helps the body get rid of excess sugar from the bloodstream. Actually you end up with diabetes (insulin sensitivity) when your work really hard insulin. The decrease in sodium intake and processed sugar will maintain its effective insulin.

The turn your hormones weight loss with these 7 steps first appeared in Nature Health and Beauty .

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