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Turmeric Proven Superior To 8 Medications At Reversing Disease

You probably already have heared about the amazing health benefits of turmeric, which is the main seasoning the curry. It is very beneficial when it comes to combat and reverse diseases because of its healing compound curcumin. Turmeric is considered one of the most powerful natural remedies and is followed by garlic, cinnamon, ginseng, ginger and milk thistle. According to several different studies, turmeric is as effective as the most effective pharmaceutical drugs, or sometimes even as prescription drugs

As research shows, turmeric is more beneficial than these 10 drugs :.

  • anticoagulants (aspirin)
  • Analgesics
  • diabetes medications (metformin)
  • Drugs anti-inflammatory
  • cholesterol drugs (Lipitor)
  • Steroids
  • antidepressants (Prozac)
  • chemotherapy
  • drugs arthritis
  • drugs for inflammatory bowel disease

here is a deeper explanation regarding its benefits in reversing specific diseases:

10 medication can not be compared with turmeric

although the list is much longer, the next ten drugs pales compared to turmeric when it comes to reverse disease. The most important thing about turmeric is that it does not cause side effects like most prescription drugs do.

1. Anti-inflammatory drugs

Turmeric has the ability to control inflammation. The Oncogene journal published a study that evaluated the anti-inflammatory compounds from turmeric and found that curcumin, more effective anti-inflammatory compound is more effective than ibuprofen and aspirin.

Since inflammation is the main reason for all diseases, everyone should know that turmeric is the right solution to reduce inflammation in your body. For example, if not treated in time, inflammation can lead to :. Arthritis, high cholesterol, chronic pain, such as cancer, and ulcerative colitis

2.Arthritis Management

Some researchers conducted a study in 45 individuals They are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and compared the benefits of curcumin arthritis drugs such as sodium, which is responsible for the risk of heart disease or leaky gut.

individuals were divided into 3 groups in which the first received curcumin alone, the second group received only diclofenac sodium and patients in the third group were given both curcumin and sodium disclofenac.

When the results came out, which showed that curcumin group had the highest percentage of improvement in global scores and these scores were significantly better than patients in the diclofenac sodium group.

as well as being more effective than diclofenac sodium, curcumin is also safer because it doesen’t cause side effects. This study was published in 2012 by Phytotherapy Research and encouraged other researchers to evaluate the effects plants that are rich in curcumin in people suffering from different types of arthritis.

  1. anticoagulant / antiplatelet
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The following medications are used usually in order to reduce and prevent blood clots:

  • ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, others)
  • naproxen
  • aspirin
  • clopidogrel (Plavix)
  • Diclofenac
  • enoxaparin (Lovenox)
  • warfarin (Coumadin) and other

people with deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism should stay away from these drugs because they cause excessive bleeding and hemorrhage along with many other side effects like headaches, shortness of breath and back pain.

The safest solution is turmeric, because it has no side effects if not consumed in large quantities.

  1. antidepressants

Numerous different animal studies showed that turmeric is very beneficial when it comes to treating depression.

A study in 60 volunteers diagnosed with major depressive disorder (MDD) found that patients tolerate curcumin. Patients were divided into two groups where one group was given Prozac, while the other both Prozac and curcumin. The results showed that curcumin is as effective as Prozac when it comes to manage depression.

The authors explained that “this study provides the first clinical evidence that curcumin can be used as an effective and safe treatment for the treatment of patients with mild depression.”

  1. cancer Treatment

When it comes to curcumin and investment disease, one of the most thoroughly researched disease is cancer. According to global authorities such as the Cancer Research UK numerous studies of different laboratory cancer cells found that curcumin has anti-cancer effects which is why it is able to kill cancer cells and prevent them from growing. It has the best effect on breast cancer, bowel cancer, stomach cancer and skin cancer cells.

According to 2007 study, the combination of chemotherapy and curcumin killed more cancer cells in patients than chemotherapy alone

In USA, the American Cancer Society said :.

“Laboratory studies have shown that curcumin interferes with cancer development, growth and spread. Researchers have reported that curcumin blocks the formation of enzymes that cause cancer in rodents.

Recently, curcumin has received a lot of attention because of its ability to shrink the tumor and kill the cancer cells. “

As can perform on their own, turmeric it is the best solution when it comes to cancer and works well in treating skin cancer of the breast, colon and.

  1. cholesterol Regulators

reason why heart disease are major problems in the US, is because people tend to develop pre-diabetes or excessive blood sugar at a high rate.

Both non-diabetic and diabetic suffering from oxidative stress, which is a condition known to damage the inside of blood vessels. For example, when the arteries are damaged, cholesterol accumulates in order to repair the damaged area, resulting in high levels of LDL cholesterol.

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Although Lipitor can reduce cholesterol, has no capacity to address the real cause, or oxidative stress caused by high blood sugar and inflammation. On the other hand, it can damage the kidneys and liver and can cause a large number of fatal side effects. This is the reason why doctors tend to prescribe natural alternatives such as fish oil and curcumin.

When it comes to reducing oxidative stress and inflammation in the treatment of high cholesterol, curcumin is equally or even more effective than drugs for diabetes.

There are synthetic forms of curcumin made by pharmaceutical companies, but does not work as efficient as the natural choice.

  1. Diabetes Control

people who deal with blood sugar can be an add turmeric in your daily diet, and to reverse the insulin resistance.

Biochemistry and Biophysics Communications Research published a study in 2009 which was held at the Auburn University and the capacity of turmeric to reverse diabetes was evaluated.

Matformin is the most common drug prescribed for diabetics, and according to this study, turmeric is 400 times more potent in activating AMPK, which improves insulin sensitivity and helps in reversing type 2 diabetes

as everyone knows, diabetes causes serious health complications, such as damaged blood vessels and blindness, but the good news is that curcumin may delay this complication, because of its anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant properties.

  1. gastrointestinal treatment

People who are dealing with stomach and digestive problems tend to be intolerant to conventional drugs, as its flora stomach it is already compromised. ulcerative colitis, consumption of curcumin has the ability to significantly improve the condition of people. This is why they have to stop taking corticosteroids, as only damage the intestinal lining and worsen the condition. On the other hand, when it is curcumin, which has strong anti-inflammatory properties, which has no side effects, the intestine heals and favors the growth of probiotic bacteria or good.

What if you have to take medicine?

If you must still take pharmaceutical drugs, which must consume large amounts of organic turmeric on a daily basis in order to reduce the side effects of drugs.

The easiest way to incorporate this spice in your diet is making a turmeric tea. should not hesitate to consume curcumin on a daily basis, as there is evidence presented by people who took curcumin and they noticed a large anti-arthritic activity and marked reduction in the toxicity of steroids.

Source: fitbodycenter.net

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