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Turmeric Kills Cancer – Not Patients And Better Than Chemo

Numerous studies have confirmed that turmeric extract called curcumin, it is much more effective than chemotherapy. Scientific claim curcumin is at least 100 hundred times less toxic and effective against colorectal cancer cells. British scientists showed for the first time the powerful anti-cancer properties of this extract. They have discovered that turmeric is very effective by itself and helps your body to fight colorectal cancer.

Cancer Letters published this study and finally alternatives and better ways to treat cancer emerged publicly confirmed by scientists. Curcumin is the most important ingredient in turmeric. According to the results, curcumin has zero side effects on your body, and is very effective against cancer. This statement was breakthrough because it is the first time someone to show anti-cancer properties of this ingredient.

Moreover, British researchers found that turmeric is very effective when used separately, as it can destroy all stem cells cancer spheroids structures develop. Compared to treatments with 5-FU or oxaliplatin, curcumin significantly reduces the number of spheroids. However, since this must be approved by more researchers, consult with your doctor before deciding with this type of treatment.

Other health benefits of turmeric

Turmeric is rich in bioactive ingredients that have powerful medicinal properties. This spice is used in India for thousands of years. Curcumin has anti-inflammatory properties, which help the body repair damage and fight successfully against foreign invaders. It curcumin matches the efficacy of anti-inflammatory drugs, but without the side effects. It also increases levels of antioxidants in our body, which protect the body against oxidative damage. This type of damage is related to many diseases and aging. Damage caused by free radicals can increase the chance of developing cancer. There are many more health benefits of curcumin that can be found in our archive.

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