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Tummo Meditation: Benefits and Technique

“tummo” is a Tibetan word that literally means the inner fire of wisdom . This is the fire that burns or chakras imprints left behind by bad karma of his past.

TUMMO meditation has the power to break free of your karma that binds and locks herself in her past. The chakras are subtle and invisible, and it is impossible to open them with normal meditation techniques . They must be burned.

Tibetan meditation TUMMO press incinerating these blocks and creates channels that open their hearts, their energy and love until his whole being becomes eternal and incessant.

Scientists studying the intricacies of Tibetan meditation TUMMO have discovered that the core body temperature can be controlled by the brain.

Tummo-Meditation-tummo-meditation-instructions This implies that such meditation techniques could benefit those who are forced to survive in sub-zero temperatures as well!

TUMMO meditation is often referred to as “Inner Heat Yoga” or “psychic Yoga Heat” . It is one of the six forms of practiced Yoga by monks from Tibet who are famous for bathing in lakes and half frozen and drying wet clothes on their bodies in the midst of a cruel Tibetan winter with the help Tummo.

Body temperature:
research on the physiological effects of practice were conducted TUMMO meditation yogis and Tibetan monks in the Himalayan region. It was observed that yogis are able to raise the temperature of the fingers and toes in about eight to 10 degrees!

they say

Scientists learners TUMMO meditation can control body temperature, even in extreme climates. Now it has been shown that TUMMO meditation techniques can be used to increase the core body temperature.

monasteries in Tibet are usually made of stone, wood and other fuels required to generate little heat. The monks have to learn to endure these austere homes with little clothing.

These monasteries are the birthplace of TUMMO meditation. For the humble Tibetan monks, it is a powerful tool that is essential for survival.

TUMMO Benefits of meditation:

control body temperature :. You can control the temperature of your body with the help of TUMMO meditation using breathing techniques, meditation and mind

Help to survive in cold climates :. advanced practitioners TUMMO are known to be able to survive in freezing temperatures with very little clothing

heals the mind, body and soul: Doctors swear by the powers TUMMO curatives and say it has the potential for physical, mental and emotional healing. However, the exact amount is yet to be determined.

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improves the power of concentration and memory: meditation TUMMO broadens their perspective and the continuous flow of energy improves your intuition, opens his mental faculties and is physically fit


How to practice meditation TUMMO?

Those who want to learn how TUMMO meditation is practiced, they are taught to practice the following techniques in order to establish a continuous flow of energy TUMMO and to achieve a sense of inner calm and state of perpetual bliss.

Step 1: The most important TUMMO step meditation is to reach a state of complete rest and to maintain its extremely quiet and mind free from anxiety and irrelevant thoughts


. Step 2: As in all other forms of meditation , after it is completely relaxed, focus on breathing

Close your eyes, sit in a comfortable position and take note of every breath in and out of your body.

Repeat the process again and again until you have perfected.

Step 3: Now imagine that there is a canal that runs through the center of your body. Imagine that the channel is a hollow and transparent tube, which is about half an inch in diameter, beginning at the coccyx and continuing to the head.

There are two more imaginary channels that are thinner than the central and parallel to the same channel. These channels start from the nostrils to the top of the head and then run parallel to the central channel.

Step 4: perfect the art of viewing channels before graduating to this stage, but once you are ready, begin to visualize a small spark, about the size of a seed, within its channel center near his navel.

Step 5: begin to imagine that you have taken a coal burning fire. Place the piece of burning coal in the middle of the main channel and see how it grows stronger. As you grow your imagination alive as the fire becomes stronger and the heat emanating from within, grows even more powerful.

Step 6 :. Tight pelvic floor muscles and concentrate on the activity of the deeper muscles

take a deep breath and when you have fully inhaled, drink breath and imagine creating pressure on the internal muscles with the diaphragm.

This will push down the energy that is trying to climb the head of the base of the spine.

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Step 7 :. Without exerting yourself, hold your breath for as long as possible
Thus, keep the flame burning in your belly button in the line of vision and never let out of his sight, even for a moment.

As it does, the increased heat and spread through your body will feel. As soon as the heat becomes uncomfortable, exhale and imagine that the heat has spread into the central channel even though the air breathed out actually goes through the nostrils.

Step 8 :. Repeat this exercise Atleast seven times

The heat must grow strong enough to burn the chakras, but must remain a pleasant form of energy found in the crown chakra.

Step 9: The ember must now be hot enough to burst into flames and strong within you, fire should shoot right to the head through the central channel. Each and every part of your body should be flooded with a deep sense of happiness that is devoid of expectations or judgment.

TUMMO meditation a highly evolved form of yoga that requires a substantial amount of practice that can often take several years to perfect.


It reins the uncontrolled energies of the body, thoughts and dreams and becomes intense heat. The professional must have a pure mind alert and that has the ability to concentrate deeply.

The technique consists of mental training that is done essentially learn to visualize and meditate. Those who learn meditation tummo must first visualize themselves as hollow or empty beings, and they have to put aside their negative and false ego thoughts.

Once their minds are empty and they have learned to control your thoughts, you are taught to visualize and create channels that generate heat in their bodies. Then they are taught to use the heat as a source of positive energy with the help of very advanced breathing techniques .

is essential for professionals to keep all channels and free flowing energy. Blocking these channels creates chakras that are a source of negative energy and can cause great damage.

Therefore, professionals should continue practicing meditation TUMMO throughout their lives so that positive forces can move freely.

The true benefits of meditation are experienced TUMMO only when practitioners learn to raise their level of self-awareness and establish an eternal flow of energy that helps them lift a state of eternal happiness.

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